Tip of the Week #109 – Jobs Missing from Shop Floor Role Center View

Tip of the Week #109 – Jobs Missing from Shop Floor Role Center View

Senior Consultant Lutz Schmieder brings us this week’s troubleshooting tip. 

Question: In the Production Planning we can see jobs that are planned…

…but no jobs are shown in my Shop Floor Worker Role Center. Why not?


The reason is based on your setup. In PrintVis there are 2 possibilities for Planning setup:

  1. Without Capacity Resources (Manning Code)
  2. With Capacity Resources (Manning Code)

The problem here is that the setup for Shop Floor user has not confirmed the planning.

In the User Setup you have a Capacity Manning Code:

…but the Planning shown here is based on machines and times, without Capacity Resources:


Basically you need to choose one or the other.

  1. Planning without Capacity Resources
  • User setup: no Capacity Manning Code
  • Planning: no Capacity Resource entry
  1. Planning with Capacity Resources
  • User Setup: with Capacity Manning Code
  • Planning: Enter Capacity Resources

Thank you Lutz!

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