Tip of the Week #108 – The Mighty Right Click

Tip of the Week #108 – The Mighty Right Click

Senior Consultant Thomas Beck Andersen returns this week with yet another useful tip on customizing your PrintVis/NAV Role Center.

In our Tip of the Week blog we speak frequently of customizing one’s Role Center to suit their daily tasks as much as possible, the obvious reason being that the Role Center can essentially act as your “home base” in the Dynamics NAV system, and it simply makes sense to be able to access the areas of the software you’ll use most often.

Did you know that by right clicking the different parts of a menu you can easily add Reports, Tasks and other items to your Role Center Ribbon? Check out the screenshots below. As with most software, the best approach is to simply try it out – explore what you can and cannot achieve with a simple right click.

Below you can see that Production Plan button has been successfully added to the Role Center ribbon.

Want to remove an item? Simply right click and select “Customize Ribbon” as shown below.

Thank you Thomas!

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