Tip of the Week #105 – Easy Integration with 3rd-Party Shipping Solutions

Tip of the Week #105 – Easy Integration with 3rd-Party Shipping Solutions

Senior Developer Mogens Christensen reflects on some integration work between PrintVis and a Dynamics NAV add-on.

Recently, my work was to integrate Easy Ship with PV Shipment – for solutions where customers use PV Shipments instead of NAV Sales Order Shipments.

PV Shipment is normally used from PV Production Orders, the advantage being that one production order can have multiple shipments – whereas in standard NAV Sales Order, there can only be one Shipment per Sales Order!

From our PV2017 version we can now automatically create multiple Sales Order Shipments when posting based on PV Shipments. These “Posted Sales Orders Shipments” are created from each PV Shipment – so it is still PV Shipments that the user will work with; But integration modules (Easy Ship being one example) use Sales Order Shipments –  and these still work from PrintVis, when we “behind the scenes” post PV Shipments as Sales Order Shipments.

So the integration task is simply to make sure we add the special fields to PV Shipments, as they are added to the Sales Order Shipment. We want the user to work with PV Shipments only – but when posted (shipped), we transfer it to “Posted Sales Order Shipments.”

Thank you Mogens!

Note:  In our 2017 release, new functionality was added to automatically create Finished Good Items, as well as a NAV Shipment when posting a PrintVis Shipment. This allows you to create posted sales shipments automatically with the posting of a PrintVis shipment.

The primary benefit of this is that it enables the use of 3rd-party extensions for shipping integration. It also enables you to use information from actual Posted Shipments and build invoices directly from there.

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