Tip of the Week #104 – Handle More Than One PrintVis Planning Unit

Tip of the Week #104 – How to handle more than one PrintVis Planning Unit per Price/Calculation Unit?

Senior Consultant Jörg Hüner brings us this week’s helpful tip.

Let’s say you want to schedule cutting prior to folding, and cutting is a part of the Price Unit for folding.

The solution for this is easy to setup: You only need to show the field “Planning Unit” in the Price Unit Details. You will see that the Planning Unit from the header is copied to this field. On the line that needs to be attached to another Planning Unit (in our case “Cutting prior to folding”), just change it as shown here:

The time for this calculation line will now be displayed in the planning separately as “CUTTING,” and can be sorted as needed.

Thank you Jörg!

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