Tip of the Week #102 – Setting Up Cues in PrintVis/NAV

Tip of the Week #102 – Setting Up Cues in PrintVis/NAV

This week Accounting Manager Birthe Jacobsen has a tip for customizing the Cues one sees in his/her Role Center. 

It’s easy to take advantage of the NAV Role Center layout – to customize it to one’s own preferences. As an Accounting Manager, there are items that I need to see every day that, say, a Production Manager or a Shop Floor Operator would not. I need an overview of Posted Invoices, Credit Memos and pending Purchase Orders. Whereas a Production Manager needs a view of running jobs and active Cost Centers. A salesman would do well to have his/her Open Quotes and Total Monthly Sales in full view, on the Role Center tiles, also known as Cues

The tile is the graphical representation of the Cue, which is the aggregate data collected to inform the user. When you need a quick view of the status of your daily tasks, the Cue is for you!

As you can see in the screenshot on the right, it’s now possible to display only PrintVis-related Cues on your Role Center (PrintVis 2017). This streamlined view is perfect for operators or others who are only using the PrintVis functionality every day and don’t need the clutter of extraneous data. 

There are many other ways to customize your Cues, including the setup of Color Indicators at the top of each one, to indicate a favorable (green) or unfavorable (red) status. 

Learn more here!

And here!

Thank you Birthe!

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