Tip of the Week #101 – How to Combine Invoices

Tip of the Week #101 – How to Combine Invoices for Several Jobs

Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj is back with a very handy tip for those of you who are responsible for invoicing your customers. 

Here are the easy steps for combining multiple job invoices into one.

  1. On each job, create a new invoice and build up the lines.
    Adjust the lines and amounts so you have the pricing and wording you want.

Make sure all jobs are in the status INVOICE – and each job has its own invoice prepared.

2. On the invoice you want to combine on, click on the Combine Invoice button on the Navigate tab of the ribbon:

3. The page shows the invoices which have been prepared for the customer:

4. You can tick/untick to get the group of invoices you’d like to combine:

5. On the Navigate tab click on the Merge button:

The marked lines will now be combined to 1 line.
6. On the Home tab now click on Invoice:

The invoice lines from all merged invoices will now be on this invoice and ready for posting.
As you can see, each line has an order number and the customer ledger entry and invoice lines will be linked to the original order they came from.

7. Each job is linked to their part of the invoiced amount on the general ledger entries:

Thank you Kit!

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