Tip of the Week #10 – PrintVis Learning Portal

This week’s tip is a recommendation from Assistant Developer Casper Lee Faxner to make good use of the PrintVis Learning Portal. With a wealth of informative materials including videos and white papers, the PrintVis Learning Portal is the place to go for customers and Partners alike who want to become more familiar with the many different aspects of PrintVis functionality.

Casper tells us, “I use the portal to get more accustomed with PrintVis. I learn a little each day, trying out different topics and see if I can get it to work. The learning videos can go a bit fast but it is easy to just pause them and go back. The Learning Portal contains a  lot of topics and gives some good advice, such as how to customize your PV role center or how to do Shipping and Invoicing. The good thing is that most of the videos are relatively short and that makes them easier to understand. If there is a topic in PrintVis that you are a little uncertain about, I would definitely recommend you to check it out the Learning Portal.”

Microsoft offers its own Learning Portal at CustomerSource, where newcomers to Dynamics can go to learn the ins and outs of standard NAV (in a wide range of languages to boot). From there PrintVis customers and Partners can go to our own Learning Portal to get the proverbial icing on their ERP cake – that being the print-specific functionality that we’ve developed inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV to provide the ultimate IT solution for the worldwide graphic arts industry.

Remember – just as Microsoft requires a Windows Live ID for access to CustomerSource, customers and Partners will need login credentials to use the PrintVis Wiki. Don’t have login permissions? Contact us today!

Thanks Casper!

Casper Lee Faxner
The PrintVis Learning Portal
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