Thoughts from Directions

Sales Manager John Mullins shares some thoughts from the recent Directions conference in Las Vegas.

Having just left one of the largest gatherings of Partners in North America who sell and support Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, I thought I would share my thoughts from the conference and what seems to be on the horizon.

I see clouds on the horizon…not storm clouds…but software up in the clouds (sorry for the bad reference here—I am sure we are all getting sick of those cloud references by now – but I just had to 🙂 ).

It seems that the world is finally comfortable enough to embrace cloud software and the providers are finally able to deliver secure environments for hosting data (last number I had shared with me was that Microsoft spends over a billion a year on internet security…even if it’s only ½ of that…still a gigantic amount spent!).

With ransomware attacks seeming to be on the rise (did you see the 60 minutes story on local towns getting hit with ransomware attacks and how they dealt with it?), you can almost conclude that the cloud is actually more secure than your own servers.  If you get hacked, simply pull down one of your old cloud backups and you are back up and running…you may have lost a day or two but overall your systems are in place and you’re good to go (if you wonder if that would work, just buy a new iPhone and see how easy it is to get a backup of everything on a new phone).

Microsoft has finally delivered a product with an attractive price point, a robust feature set, and a Partner channel that is embracing selling more and more software and fewer service hours per deal than in the past.  This is allowing the cost of ownership to drop – and the risk involved in making a move to a new solution substantially less than previously thought: Music to any CFO’s ears!

Overall, the total cost of ownership will continue to come down as companies learn to do more on their own and the Partners learn to have a more “templated” approach to selling, implementing and supporting their customers—something we have been preaching for years at PrintVis.

Microsoft has shown tremendous thought put into Role Centers for specific roles in the company, tying AI into the core ERP, along with the ability to spin up new systems in just a few clicks instead of the old days of waiting on servers to be shipped and installed locally.

It seems that the business side of Microsoft has had a lot of input (pricing, system features, deployment model, etc.) and this has translated to a great moment to look to transition to the new offerings we have.

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