Yours Truly went to the yearly Microsoft World Partner Conference in Houston, Texas.

The main events are big forum presentations of people who did great in the past year and new stuff coming in the next. Our main focus during these presentations this year was the different technical news and what it would mean for us and especially for our customers in the years to come.

Windows 8.1 – and The Return of the Start Button!

For all of us who has met Window 8 were excited to see what improvements might come in the next update. Not surprisingly a cheer broke out at the news of the re-introduction of the start button which has been sadly missing for all new users on W8.

Windows 8 has been a much different user experience but generally people appreciate the new look and feel after getting used to this much more modern interface.

With Windows 8.1 a free upgrade is lifting the application tremendously. Windows 8.1 will allow interoperability between my PC’s and mobile devices, my television and my kitchen touchscreen. This will improve our home environments when we use our music, photos, browsers and TV programs and allows us to run more applications at the same time: Mail and TV on the same screen for instance. It will also allow me to start watching a movie on my kitchen screen and continue watching the same if I move to my living room. Great and practical news!

In our companies it will also mean a great deal in practice. The perfect integration with Skydrive means that all documents will be kept available for me regardless the device I use to get to them. I can move between my PC, my tablet and my phone and run my applications with the same efficiency.

For me as a business professional working with MS products and using them in my daily worklife this will determine what I buy when I replace my tablets, phones and so on. I’ll definitely go for a Windows phone next time and I have already replaced my tablet with a Surface Pro.  My PC has always been all Microsoft so my current will live on yet some time – if nothing else then because I can’t make myself set time aside for changing it right now.

I see an easier future in a much more fluent move between my devices which is now becoming possible. This will mean that people get less stuck with their devices and have more mental capacity to focus on the job they are doing.

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