The Happy Trials and Tribulations of a New Software Release

PrintVis 2018 – Approaching Crunch Time!

Each year our new PrintVis release illustrates our dedication to continuous improvement, and always contains a cool assortment of new features and functionalities. Some of these reflect a natural evolution of our many different print-centric software modules, others are chosen from a “wish list” from our Partners and customers. We always follow the annual release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the 2018 edition of which is set to release on December 1st – right around the corner!

Although we are not behind schedule, it’s always about now that the entire PrintVis team enters into crunch time –  that interval of time immediately before a project is due, when it becomes apparent that the schedule could slip and everyone works like dogs to close the release on time.

This is an unusual year because Microsoft is releasing NAV 2018 later than usual, while simultaneously undergoing a dramatic rebranding/product alignment which will be revealed sometime in the Spring as Dynamics 365. This has given us a bit more breathing room, but has also pushed our annual Partner Meeting into the first part of 2018.

Check out this Dynamics 365 Roadmap.

Our new release is our baby, and we all feel the birth pangs annually, with customers and Partners asking what new developments will be included, our Developers and Consultants laboring to ensure the new functionality is bug-free and fully operational, and the whole crew getting up to speed on all the bells and whistles.

PrintVis 2018 will showcase new integrations, purchasing and inventory optimizations, a host of new features in web-to-print area, and of course much much more, including exciting advances in our continuing effort toward reducing our footprint in standard NAV through the use of Events, which will simplify upgrades immensely. Much to look forward to!

And much to be grateful for. Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. – and while it’s not an international holiday, we at PrintVis would like to express our gratitude to our Partners and customers around the world – old, new and future – for spreading the word about PrintVis and our ambition to become the #1 MIS/ERP for the graphical arts industry – by bringing intelligence and efficiency to the way you do business every day!

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