Spring into 2016 – Upgrade!

When you get PrintVis you get Dynamics NAV, along with the many benefits Microsoft has to offer.

PrintVis is built directly within Microsoft Dynamics NAV – it is not a separate system. While an add-on (sometimes called a plug-in) is an external piece of software designed to work in tandem with a program and share information back and forth, our software operates within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing it to perform additional print-centric functionalities and features not available in standard NAV, but never running the risk of being left behind, as separate MIS systems so often are.

In this post we want to share some of Microsoft’s NAV-specific reasons to upgrade in 2016. Don’t forget that PrintVis also adds new features and functionality every year! (To explore some of those, check out this page. )

Your business management solution is a critical part of your organization and keeping it up-to-date is  essential to the future of your business. By taking advantage of new functionality and enhanced capabilities available in recent releases, you can boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

In our increasingly digital world, businesses of all sizes are looking at how they can transform their organizations—to create greater efficiencies and streamlined business processes, to empower their workers with relevant insights, anywhere and on any device, and to scale and grow securely through the power of the cloud. With Dynamics NAV 2016, you can choose cloud or on-premises deployments, giving you the flexibility to determine what is best for your business.

Upgrading your solution also keeps it running smoothly with the latest advances in technology and infrastructure, so you can maximize your existing investment in other Microsoft products and services.

Learn how Dynamics NAV 2016 is even faster to implement, simpler to use, and provides you with all the power you need to support your business ambitions.

Enable More People to Use Dynamics NAV 2016

Upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2016 and extend the value  of your solution to more users. Now you have greater flexibility and more choice over how you access and deploy the solution. With new streamlined, easy-to-use native apps, you can enable mobile workers on any device—phones, tablets, and mouse and keyboard— running Android, iOS, or Windows. Empower more employees with straightforward and secure access to relevant information and data in Dynamics NAV— without having to invest in complex customizations  or technology. Choose from deployment options on Microsoft Azure, in a private cloud, hosted by a  Microsoft partner, or on your servers.

Improve Decision Making

Increase business insight with pre-built Microsoft
Power BI dashboards and data connections that give teams instant access to key performance indicators in an intuitive environment, designed for secure collaboration. In Dynamics NAV 2016, you can connect to your instance of Dynamics NAV and PowerBI.com and immediately access the business performance dashboard, with insights into your business. The new PowerBI.com content pack for Dynamics NAV is designed specifically for small and mid-
size business owners, managers, and executives, providing details on customers, sales, and finance. With build-in automatic refresh of data you always have the latest data at your disposal.

Make it Easier to Grow Sales

With Dynamics NAV 2016 it’s even easier to grow sales, improve customer service, and streamline order-to cash-processes through native integration with Dynamics CRM Online. There is no longer a need to distinguish between CRM and ERP—it’s just one seamless workflow for your business processes. Whether you are working in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics CRM, you can access the business information you need, from the product you prefer. The seamless experience means that you can increase sales and order accuracy, and decrease the time from a sales lead to receipt of cash from a customer.

Free Download: Top Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016: MSDNAV2016_TopReasonsUpgrade_Factsheet.pdf (214 downloads)

Gain Control of Financial Processes

Already known for its compelling financial-, cash flow management and cost accounting capabilities Dynamics NAV 2016 delivers even more. Handling deferrals of revenue and expenses is made easy, and the posting preview feature enables you to control the end result up front.

You can also ensure accuracy and reduce fraud with the new positive pay feature, and improve efficiency and save time using the Word format defaults for various reports.

Lower Your IT Costs

Upgrading your solution can help lower IT costs by making it easier to integrate your Dynamics NAV solution with other systems, including the other Microsoft products and services that you already have. Dynamics NAV 2016 delivers integration enhancements and even closer alignment with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. And take advantage of enterprise-class scalability, security, and availability in the cloud with the new option to deploy Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Microsoft’s industry-leading database-as-a-service in the cloud offering.

“With everything in the cloud, you don’t have a capital expenditure on technology, and the worry about when you’ll need to reinvest. It’s a simple cost off the top of the house. To all my customers my prescription is the same—set yourself free. Go to the cloud.”
Jakob Ingemann
Business Advisor and Managing Partner, IZARA

“Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 enables us to keep track of things in a scalable, efficient way. The Microsoft cloud solution lets us access data anytime, anywhere.”
Mark Tanous
Chief Executive Officer. Bounce Foods

Accomplish Even More

With more than 60 enhancements to the Web client, you can accomplish even more with Dynamics NAV 2016. You can experience improved page and list navigation, and a significantly shorter start-up time when launching Dynamics NAV in a web browser.

Reduce the Cost of Your Next Upgrade

Yes, that’s right. If you upgrade your solution to Dynamics NAV 2016 now, you can help reduce the cost of future upgrades. Keeping your solution current—with the latest technology and functionality—is smart for your business and your bottom line.

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