PrintVis/Dynamics NAV and Outlook Integration

Quick Quote from Your Outlook Using Dynamics NAV/PrintVis Integration

Did you know you can use Microsoft Outlook to connect to Dynamics NAV, easily generate a quote in PrintVis and email it back to your customer, all without ever leaving your Outlook window? This is yet another example of the ongoing, cross-product streamlining that Microsoft and PrintVis continually work toward, to eliminate redundancies and simplify your day. Bridging the technologies you use on a daily basis and working toward smarter, more seamless experiences will increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.

Watch the demo video to the right to see how it works!

Your salespeople working outside the office can also create new meetings in Outlook in their company’s calendar, while you and your team at the plant can see such tasks and “to-do’s” in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This is especially beneficial because you don’t want to buy NAV user licenses for employees who don’t really need them.

You can also learn more here.

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