Considering the Cloud

Why consider new business applications in the cloud?

Transform IT into a flexible, affordable driver of innovation.

Gain insights: Harness the power of your data to improve processes, spot trends faster, and outperform your competitors.

Improve productivity: Go beyond stand-alone business applications with connected solutions that drive business process automation and employee productivity.

Save money: Manage your business without the burden and cost of installing, updating, and maintaining software and managing hardware.

Reduce IT dependencies: With software and applications running in the cloud, non-technical folks can better service customers, manage financial data, and stay connected without having to wait on IT for answers.

The internet has dramatically changed the way we do business.

When you choose to have your PrintVis solution hosted in the cloud (on our servers instead of in your building), you get anywhere/anytime access to your data from your virtual office, liberating you from the daily chores of infrastructure upkeep. 

Just think – how nice would it be to never worry about IT and its associated expenses, such as expensive hardware, system upgrades, costly staff and even energy consumption?


Keeping your server room cool and functioning year-round can cost a pretty penny. So can down time from system crashes and a hefty invoice from IT.

You may be unsure about changing your existing setup to a cloud-hosted solution, which is completely understandable if you’ve been operating on-premises for years – so let’s explore your options.

Here are a few more things to consider:

  • The cost of license compared to cost of subscription price
  • The cost of software maintenance for software system per month/year
  • The cost of support contract per month/year
  • The cost of upgrading your existing MIS system

What is the true cost of ownership of your current solution(s)?

Many factors are relevant to all companies – but perhaps with different levels of value and impact. Depending on the size of your company, the number of user seats you need and other considerations, an on-prem solution may make more sense, or a PrintVis cloud-hosted solution may be exactly what you need.

  • The cost of upgrade for its related software, such as office packages and SQL server software
  • The cost of hardware maintenance, hardware experts and insurance of machinery
  • The cost of individual user PCs renewal to adhere to software
  • The risk of breakdown, theft, damages and other accidents quantified to monetary value

Now let’s take a look at some of the measurable benefits of implementing a cloud-hosted solution from PrintVis. 


  • It’s highly scalable – You can add or remove seats as your business expands, or contracts. Let’s be honest – the printing industry can be volatile, and the last thing you need is the burden of long-term financial commitment and the risks associated with purchasing (and installing) expensive systems and equipment.
  • It’s flexible – Simple to upgrade or downgrade User types and numbers, you are never locked into a version or paying for more than you need.
  • The money you save – Could go to more immediate needs – such as a new employee
  • It’s accessible – All you need is the internet to procure real-time visibility of your production

PrintVis is a full business management solution designed for printers, by people who know your business, and powered by the globally-proven platform of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. No matter what size your shop is, our software can be tweaked to take care of your specific needs and streamline your production.

Need some advice as to whether a cloud solution is right for your company? Contact us – we are here to help!

  • Surprisingly affordable – Multiple implementation plans, user types and bundled service offerings allow you to tailor to your budget
  • Fast to deploy– With our RapidStart setup you can achieve implementation in a fraction of the time other systems require
  • It’s liberating – Accessing company data from anywhere means users have the flexibility to work off-site, such as your sales people, who won’t have to ask you for a production status while visiting clients
  • It’s unifying – You can streamline your entire business with the integrated suite of services that PrintVis and Microsoft provide
  • It gives you continuity – Let’s say a fire destroys your building – you’d still have ALL your data, and can be up and running as soon as you want to get a new press in.  You wouldn’t need to hire anyone else from an IT or support standpoint. So in essence, our software gives you both autonomy and deep support when you want it.
  • It gives you community – Access to the vast Microsoft Partner Ecosystem, where you will find a world of add-ons for virtually any need
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