PrintVis User Types

PrintVis Full User – Comprehensive Functionality

The PrintVis Full User is intended for anyone who requires complete access to all NAV functionality, creating G/L and Item entries and administering the PrintVis setup. Individuals in your company who will need to create G/L entries and/or Item entries need to be Full Users. Examples include posting item journals, posting purchase order as shipped or invoiced, posting sales invoices, posting inventory costs to G/L, etc.

The full user can access all the licensed areas of the software and all the data in printing orders at the same time. Sales invoicing and purchase invoicing, as well as posting the value of items to the General Ledger are the primary functions exclusive to a Full User. While other colleagues are able to prepare invoices, only the Full User can actually post them.

PrintVis Full User Features

  • Full Access to All Areas of the Software and All Data in Printing Orders at Once
  • Estimation – a Comprehensive Set of Tools
  • Purchasing and Invoicing
  • Account Management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Search for Paper by Quality/Weight/Formats/Stock Item
  • Unlimited Variations of Job Calculations by Quantity/Colors/Pages, etc.
  • Quoting and Order Confirmation with Word and PDF Format Email Capacity
  • Costing of Time and Material Job-Wise, Analysis per Cost Center and Department
  • Order Management, Follow-up and Job Ticket Preparation
  • Purchase and Sub-Contracting Assistance, Order-by-Order
  • Goods-in System and Warehouse Management
  • Production planning for Machines and Prepress
  • Statistics and Reporting from Production by Customer and by Product Group, etc.
  • Shipments out – More Shipments per More Places/Quantities and More Dates
  • Invoicing (and Multiple Invoicing) – and Credit Limit Control of Customers
  • Sending of Invoices, Statements and Reminders in Convenient Email PDF Format

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Features:

  • General Ledger
  • All Required Accounting Functions
  • Customer/Vendor Management and Analysis
  • Liquidity Management; Payments, Outstanding Dues, Reminders etc.
  • Fixed Asset Management; Depreciation and Repairs
  • Dimension Budgeting, Posting and Analysis
  • Easy Reporting to Accountant, Board, Bank etc.
  • Jet Reports Express Access, Presenting in Excel

PrintVis Front Office User

Ideal for estimators and salespersons who generate quotes or update customers on the status of their order from the road, this user type can cover the needs of most PrintVis users – and as such offers tremendous functionality at a wonderfully affordable price.

Examples of a typical Front Office User

Estimators and Salespeople who work both inside the company and out on the road, with typical tasks such as:

  • Creating New and Maintaining Existing Contacts and Customers
  • Creating Cases and Estimates
  • Sending Quotes to the Customer
  • Creating a Sales Order
  • Running a Sales Report from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Tracking the Status of the Sales Pipeline

Production Coordinators can:

  • Create New and Maintain Existing Contacts and Customers
  • Create PrintVis Cases and Estimates
  • Create PrintVis Orders
  • Send Quotes and Order Confirmations to the Customer
  • Create/Prepare Drafts for Invoices Track the Order Progress

Order Planners can:

  • Create and Maintain a Production Plan with Pool and Fine Planning
  • Create and Maintain Milestones on an Order
  • Print Job Tickets
  • Track the Order Progress

Receptionist and Personal Assistants can:

  • Obtain and Update Customer or Employee Information
  • Run Reports for Management
  • Track the Status of a Delivery
  • Monitor KPIs
  • Create Reports in Microsoft Office Excel on Real-Time Data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With the many new challenges facing the print industry since the onset of digital media, one thing is for certain: None of us needs to be paying for something we don’t use.

Your estimator doesn’t need payroll privileges – why pay for that? Your CSRs and sales people do not need to post invoices or do the bookkeeping on your inventory – why pay for those? Such general ledger permissions comprise the major difference in the cost of a “Full User” and a “Limited User” in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. And that cost is significant.

This is why we created the PrintVis Front Office user type.

Your people get all the needed functionality of PrintVis at less than half the price.

Don’t pay for functionality you don’t need!

You can empower your sales force, your estimators, your plant managers and others with the full functionality of PrintVis (minus only back-end system access – but that’s OK – you don’t need your sales guy fiddling with your run-time tables) at a fraction of the cost.

This means you can have more of your team actually using the system on a regular basis and still keep within your budget. Before you know it, PrintVis will be working for your company exactly as it’s intended to: As a centralized, intelligent foundation, connecting and unifying every corner of your business.

Registration User

This user type covers the typical functionality needed for shop/production floor data collection (machine operators), shipping clerks and warehouse workers. G/L entries are not possible with this user type. 

Examples for Typical Registration User

Shop Floor / Machine Operators / Production Employee Time Documentation with the Typical Tasks:

  • View the Production Plan
  • Open and View Details about the Order to be Produced
  • Create Time Documentation for all Needed Working Operations, Directly for PrintVis Job Costing or as Indirect Time
  • Create comments for the time documentation
  • Post Item Consumption – If the Automatic Cost Posting to G/L is not Active in the NAV Inventory Setup (as this setting would create direct G/L entries).
  • Change Status on the orders and planning units
  • Answer Quality Assurance Questionnaires

Shipping Clerk

  • Create and modify Shipments Records
  • Print address labels, Way Bills and Delivery notes
  • Change Status on the Orders and Planning Units

Warehouse Workers with the Typical Tasks:

  • Receive Incoming Goods in the Warehouse through the Handheld Scanner or Manually
  • Picking and Packing Orders from the Warehouse
  • Ship Orders on Schedule
  • Keep Inventory Accurate

Remote or Light Purchase Agent

  • Create a New Purchase Order in any Client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Keep Track of Delivery of Purchase Orders
  • Access to Supplier Details in Microsoft Dynamics NAV