PrintVis Tip of the Week

Don’t be afraid of your German supporter!

At PrintVis we employ people from 5 different nations but that’s no problem – we all speak English very well. We think…. This week we have all rallied in HQ in Denmark for training and meetings and socializing. And It...

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How to compare a cloud offer with other price models

When looking at an offer for a new MIS system, some people find it confusing to find out what the real price will be. This even goes for normally owned license prices given to them. Prices from different vendors...

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“Graphical Production Facilities” – a New PrintVis Cloud Customer

On Monday, February 4th 2013 the print broker company Production Facilities from Copenhagen, Denmark, went live on their new PrintVis cloud-hosted solution. Given the nature of the business it was quite fantastic to see how a 3-hour RapidStart setup...

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My first RapidStart with NAV2013 and PrintVisCloud

I’m thrilled! I have to say; to this date Rapid Start is the best tool ever to start up an implementation of PrintVis and NAV. I can say that with confidence having implemented NAV for 15 years in a...

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The tricky changes of function keys in NAV2013

Could I be the only NAV user who has had ‘interesting’ results using the functions keys in NAV 2013? In the beginning I was very alert and had no trouble, but here in the twilight zone between my old...

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PrintVis ist auf Deutsch verfügbar!

PrintVis ist auch für deutsche Druckereien verfügbar. Obwohl unsere Firmensprache Englisch ist, haben wir auch Berater und Entwickler in Deutschland, welche PrintVisCloud in Deutschland betreuen. Hier ein paar Informationen Über Uns Bitte nehmen Sie sich etwas Zeit um sich...

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