PrintVis Tip of the Week #45 – Simple Steps Toward a Fully-Automated Workflow

Tip of the Week #45: Simple Steps Toward a Fully-Automated Workflow

Developer Christian Mütze joins us this week to highlight several features within the PrintVis “virtual toolkit” which help toward automating the workflow of your printing company.

Keep it simple – make it happen!

Fully Automated Workflows are the big topic these days.

PrintVis can support the users in that.

But we also still support the simple things to make it happen!

What if you don’t have a template setup ready? What if your customer just wants a quick price?

Are you aware that you can still do a full estimate only – via the Estimation screen?

Even with Job Item creation?

Have you ever looked at the “New sheet/job item” action button on that page?

Or why do we list Folder Setup under Integration? Did you ever integrate to a third party system via Folder Setup?

Even within a JDF workflow?

Ever mapped it to the folder structure of an Agfa Apogee or Kodak Prinergy File Store?

In combination with the correct settings on the other system, magic might happen – without the need to have user access on the other system.

Customer PDFs in, imposed PDFs out… just make it happen!

Thank you Christian!

Christian Mütze has just celebrated his 10th year as a PrintVis developer.

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