PrintVis Partner Meeting 2016

PrintVis Partner Meeting 2016 – Budapest, Hungary

Each year the PrintVis Team hosts a gathering of our international Partners in a city of our choosing, and most often the city is also the hometown of one of our Partners.  Previous destinations have included Vienna, Copenhagen, Istanbul and Gdansk. This year we enjoyed the immense beauty and hospitality of Budapest, Hungary thanks to our Partner Dr. Halász Gábor and his colleagues at DATEAM-TRADE.

Budapest is divided into two unique sections, Buda and Pest, which reside on the West and East banks, respectively, of the magnificent Danube River. These two sides are connected by a series of 8 stupendous bridges which are themselves a breathtaking destination for tourists and locals alike. PrintVis and our Partners had wonderful opportunities each evening to stroll these illuminated wonders and take in the glowing city and the dark, mirrored Danube below.

Should you ever make the wise decision to visit lovely Budapesthere’s a helpful link for finding accommodations there!

Annual Partner Meeting – Rallying the Troops

Our primary goal in holding a Partner Meeting every year is to fortify this network of incredibly talented people who came to us as experts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and recognized the enormous potential in pursuing the print industry vertical.

They have dedicated themselves to excellence in this regard, and provide a vital link between you, the customer (or potential customer) and PrintVis – the trajectory of our solution and how we can best grow it to serve the common, yet ever-changing, needs of printers.

What’s New in 2017?

As we approach 2017, there are so many new developments from PrintVis and Microsoft to be excited about that it’s nearly overwhelming – and will surely keep us all busy!

Some key takeaways from this year’s Partner Meeting

  • New Features in PrintVis 2017 (Download PDF)
  • New PrintVis Support Desk and Knowledge Database Launch – PV Wiki Retired for Customers
  • “The Cloud” is Becoming a More Viable, Logical Option with Each Passing Year – Time to Consider It! (You do your banking in the cloud, don’t you?)
  • Way Past the Time to Upgrade? We’ll Make it Easy for You in 2017
  • New Customer Case Studies to Come in 2017

Nobody knows your company better than you do.

But PrintVis and our Partners know your industry. After 20 years and over 300 implementations worldwide, we understand that print businesses each have their unique way of doing things, and you place different priorities on what you need from your software investment based on how you operate.

Built directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, PrintVis has the capacity to grow to a full ERP system for anyone who wishes to take it that far. However, we know that you’ll most likely want to start with the basics – estimating, accounting, perhaps some simple job scheduling.

No Need to Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Your mother always told you to chew your food well – don’t rush and don’t take too big a bite. The same principle applies just as well to your print software. We don’t want you to set unrealistic expectations for the speed of adoption of a new system throughout your company, which is a major reason why many implementations ultimately fail.

It’s also why we offer the Starter Pack:  To get you going with what you need first – go live and grow at a pace that works for you.

For as little as $3000 we can set you up with a basic estimating package, or a basic accounting package, so that the key players on your team can begin working where you need them, and others can follow suit when it’s time.

This allows for faster implementations, milder learning curves, earlier adoption and user satisfaction – and going live with prices you never thought possible for ERP.

It also sets a nice precedent for moving on to the next level – training and implementing the next modules you wish to use. Some companies have their own IT personnel who can handle it from here, others may wish to purchase some “a la carte” training from our consultants. Also, both PrintVis and Microsoft make great efforts to have DIY learning materials readily available. We are as invested in your success as you are!

Ready to get a step ahead of your competition in 2017? Contact us today!

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