PrintVis – (Not Sitting) Still for You

Such crazy days!

At PrintVis we are following the instructions from the Danish government and taking suggested measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Luckily, our IT system allows us to work from anywhere, anytime.

This means that most of our employees will work from home the next 14 days, and only a few will be present in the main office. We are available by the usual methods – phone, email, Skype, Zoom – all of our customers can get in contact with us as they normally would. We are still here, just at different locations. PrintVis Support is also business as usual; no changes there.

Given the rather unprecedented nature and scale of our current situation, it’s pretty clear that most of us find ourselves in a sudden “wait and see” stance – an uncomfortable loss of control over our daily lives, to say the least.

When faced with such disruption, it’s reassuring to remember how you can retake control over the things you can – a major example being your own physical health.

The PrintVis team just signed on to a fun and easy fitness program, with daily video calls led by an experienced personal trainer. Our colleagues connect from their home offices (cute kids and pets often decorating the background), for therapeutic stretches and moderate exercise, to break the monotony of being cooped up and desk bound.

Work IT

How physically fit are the members of an IT company? Well, let’s just be safe and say, “IT varies,” but there’s no question that getting up, doing some good breathing and working some too-neglected muscles reveals instant benefits for everyone’s state of mind and productivity.

You know what? The smiles of your colleagues will prove it!

Now’s a time when we should all take real advantage of the connective technologies at our disposal – to stay healthy, engaged, productive and together as a team (in the words of Simon Smith, our trainer. Interested in signing up? You can find Health Works here).

If you’re not in Denmark, no doubt there are other trainers and yoga instructors leveraging the communicative powers of the internet in a time zone near you.

Your body – and mind – will thank you. Be well!

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