PrintVis & NAV 2018: The Time to Upgrade is NOW

Why upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2018 now?

As you may know, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be officially absorbed into the Dynamics 365 Business Central “universe” later in 2018. This is basically NAV in new packaging. In Product Manager Marko Perisic’s own words, “Dynamics 365 is the next generation of NAV for the age of digital transformation,”  but at its core, Dynamics 365 Business Central is Dynamics NAV, in the cloud, hosted directly by Microsoft.

Released late last year, Dynamics NAV 2018 provides all the latest functionality in Microsoft’s powerful ERP solution – offering loads of advanced features not available in previous versions. Upgrading now not only allows you to start benefiting from all the newest tools, but also ensures a seamless transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central (which will also have an on-premises version available). 

This is very important. With Dynamics NAV 2018, customers and partners now have a clear path toward cheaper, easier upgrades in the future. If your partner invests a bit more time in the upgrade today, they can move any/all of your code customizations to events and extensions. This will dramatically reduce the amount of effort required for later upgrades – and this is the clear direction Microsoft has been heading for some years now. We have arrived at this pivotal time in the evolution of ERP.

Your business management solution is an essential component of your business operation – keeping it current is vital if you want to leverage all of the functional improvements and latest applications (admittedly, a dizzying array of available tools; Confused as to what you need? Reach out to your partner!). Dynamics NAV with PrintVis will help you to increase productivity and profitability, while reducing costs, and improving customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV – A Globally-Proven ERP system with 2 million users

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has established itself as the choice for mid-sized organizations looking for a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that is fast to implement, easy to configure, and simple to use.

More than 2 million users and 130,000 companies use Microsoft Dynamics NAV to simplify and streamline their highly specialized business processes — and today it is available in more than 42 country versions.

PrintVis has over 350 installations in various sizes and types of print companies worldwide and that number is growing each month (we have two simultaneous Go-Lives just this week, on separate continents – not bad for a humble Danish company!).

Some Features of Dynamics NAV 2018

  • Greater Integration with Business Applications
  • Improved Customization using Extensions
  • Automation and AI
  • Interaction with Microsoft Flow
  • Improved Workspace Personalization
  • Data Sharing with CRM systems
  • Pre-configured Excel Reports
  • REST API extended
  • Report Preview
  • Improved Check Printing
  • Pre-configured Excel Reports
  • Larger EC Sales Lists reports

PrintVis is the Microsoft-certified MIS built specifically for the print industry, directly embedded in Dynamics NAV, the world-renowned ERP system for mid-market businesses.

This powerful union creates a comprehensive solution to meet the most basic and advanced needs of any type or size of print company, from the first quote until the job is produced and delivered to the customer – including the complete financial package and robust business intelligence from Microsoft.

PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics NAV will collect your business functions into one integrated system, with close visual and functional ties to Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.

It’s easy to learn, simple to use, and quick to implement. As your business evolves, you will have a reliable platform for growth, automating and streamlining your processes so you can develop your business further.

  • Get an End-to-End View of Your Business
  • Manage Your Financials
  • Automate and Secure Your Supply Chain
  • Sell Smarter and Improve Customer Service
  • Keep Projects On-Time and Under Budget
  • Optimize Your Operations

Cloud Encouragement

Dynamics 365 Business Central gives businesses a fully-functional ERP solution in the cloud, integrated with other Microsoft business applications, thus giving users the familiar look and feel of Microsoft, at a very affordable entry-level price point.

Choose Your Users, Boost Your Budget

Most print companies fall into the small-to-medium (SMB) business category, and historically the startup costs of a full ERP system have presented their greatest obstacle to adoption. By paying only a fixed monthly fee per user, print companies can curtail that large upfront investment, which in turn frees up assets to drive your business forward.

Additionally, it’s easy to adjust your number of licenses every month, should the need arise to either increase users during busy cycles – or decrease during downtime, so you are never stuck paying for user seats that you don’t need. PrintVis is highly flexible and affordable.

Reduce your need for internal IT resources

When you deploy PrintVis under a cloud/subscription model, you free your internal IT resources to concentrate on optimizing your daily production, rather than dealing with the maintenance and management of IT infrastructure.

Anytime Access

PrintVis/Dynamics NAV in the cloud provides system access from anywhere, at any time. All you need is an internet connection to enjoy the benefits of increased productivity, insight and control of your print business.

Dynamics NAV 2018 has deep integrations with other products in the Microsoft suite such as Dynamics 365 applications, Office 365, Power BI and Flow, as well as multiple 3rd-party apps, making the options for your business virtually limitless.

We should mention that, despite Microsoft’s continued push toward the cloud, NAV 2018 remains faithful to traditional Dynamics NAV functionality, and Microsoft will support Dynamics NAV 2018 until at least January 2023.

The Advent of a New Era in ERP

It’s safe to predict that some years from now we’ll look back on the latter part of this decade as a time of change, a time of disruption. And yes, such paradigm shifts have their drawbacks (just ask any Senior Consultant who is used to financing his/her kids’ college education with the profits of a single, large implementation project). But the times they are a-changing and now is the perfect moment to set your print company on the path to success and competitive strength – by letting the combined digital technologies of PrintVis and Dynamics NAV 2018 work for you.

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