Hello Y’awl! – greetings from Houston, Texas.

Today is the first day of the Microsoft World Partner Conference. Every year a new place in a US metropol. This year in the very wellknow state of Texas. I’d like to keep you updated on our activities.

Why are we here? The WPC is where we go to pick up the newest of the new in the Microsoft world. We see the trends while they are still breezes if we are lucky. PrintVis is quite active relative to our size, and we participate in some of the panels and round table discussions which are taking place. More of that on the actual days.

Sunday is a pre-event day where we participated in our capacity of a IAMCP – an internationat associasion of Microsoft partners.

Erik Tidén:
Firstly, today had a face-to face meeting with Erik Tidén, who is responsible for the future development of NAV. In this meeting Mr. Tidén spoke about the many new things which has been included in the latest NAV 2013 version and how much it has benefited the customers which take it in to use. Especially with the enablement of NAV on Azure Cloud the move has been tremendous. With PrinVisCloud we know that for sure.

As partners we all generally agreed – we appreciate all this hard work. His team is now working on the next release and he invited us to come forward with input to this one. From PrintVis we like this approach of inviting partners to influence the product, so it is a very welcome thing. Mr. Tidén was confident that the NAV product would keep up the good performance for the next 10 years ahead.

We evaluated the move of old customers from the earlier versions to this one and it seems that all-round this progresses slower than expected. Probably in the general partner channel this is due to heavy customization of databases. It is rather expensive to repeat this on the 2013 database.. From PrintVis we were happy to be confirmed in the strategy we’ve had for years: To always minimize customizations.For many years we have been relatively alone with this point of view and there are still many big partners who enjoy the larger customization projects.

Lars Ahlgreen:
…is heading a division within Microsoft which makes sure we as partners have someone to call if we have problems solving our customers problems. This could be with architecture or with particularly tricky items movements which have gone sour. For partners this is a nice backup to have, although a bit expensive sometimes. Mr. Ahlgreen is working on some new programs while evaluating the existing ones. NAV customers are entitled to buy this service directly from Mr. Ahlgreens team – they are typically wuite large though. For PrintVis we have this service plan and if our customers have support tickets or even a support plan with us we make sure to activate Microsoft if we think it is necessary. Typically it is not.

Opening Reception:
On Sunday evening the convention Center hall opened for the big exhibit. It is an event quite like DRUPA or IPEX, only targeted at us partners. For once we got to pace the floors and see many different training solutions, gadgets and additions to NAV being exhibited. Additionally each region and some specific countries also have lounges where we can go to meet people. From PrintVis we will try to target partners in some countries where we are still not present or not present enough.

All in all a busy day and with some interesting input and open discussions. Stay tuned for more updates on PrintVis-goes-to-WPC!


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