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A Good Plan For Your Unplanned Downtime

When I was laid off in the middle of the 2008-9 economic crisis, I couldn't help but think, "Well, there's 20 years down the drain." I had progressed from the late 80's as a press operator - becoming adept with many different types of presses, mostly in print finishing. In the mid 2000's, I had [...]

PrintVis – (Not Sitting) Still for You

Such crazy days! At PrintVis we are following the instructions from the Danish government and taking suggested measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Luckily, our IT system allows us to work from anywhere, anytime. This means that most of our employees will work from home the next 14 days, and only a few will [...]

Tip of the Week #197 – Partner Certification Open Office

Tip of the Week #197 - Partner Certification Open Office Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj sat alone in the meeting room today, waiting patiently for calls from Partner "students" who seek to become certified in PrintVis. Certification is an important element of the PrintVis Partner Model - to ensure our customers have qualified, local support on our [...]

PrintVis 2020 Highlights: Tools Selection for the Label Industry

For our latest release, PrintVis has created a guide that will display possible combinations of machines, print cylinders and dies for specific product parameters. This is specifically intended to further support PrintVis customers in the narrow web label production industry. When a customer requests a label product of certain size and shape, the PrintVis Tools [...]

Meet us at drupa!

PrintVis returns to drupa Like the FIFA World Cup of the print industry, drupa is finally back in 2020 after a 4-year wait. And PrintVis will be there once again, in our humble yet proud little stand, ready to show our Microsoft-powered solution to the hundreds of thousands of visitors, fellow exhibitors and prospective partners [...]

PrintVis 2020 Highlights: New Standard Reports for Power BI

With each release PrintVis continues to enhance our integration with Microsoft Power BI, which combines multiple software services and apps to create rich data visualization and business intelligence. PrintVis 2020 ships with an attractive set of default reports – ready to use out of the box – for Power BI. Users can take advantage of [...]

PrintVis 2020 Highlights: Esko Label Integration

Companies who manufacture labels for the food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and similar industries can see great benefit from full or partial automation of their workflow, where there are frequent repeat orders of large quantities,  often produced on narrow web (by flexographic and digital presses), and often including inline die-cutting and finishing. In commercial printing, [...]

PrintVis 2020 Highlights: Multi-Web Management

Here is yet another highlight from the latest PrintVis release, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Multi-Web Management Newspaper printing houses have production requirements that distinguish them from commercial web-offset printing, because of the large number of pages and multiple components (stitched inserts and different substrates, for example) in the finished product. Most will [...]

PrintVis 2020 Highlights: Shop Floor Role Center Updates

SHOP FLOOR ROLE CENTER UPDATES For 2020, we have made a nice round of improvements to the Shop Floor Role Center. The Production Plan is now available in both Tile and List Views, set on a per-User basis. We received feedback from some operators who preferred the more extended job information displayed in the List [...]

PrintVis 2020 Highlights: Advanced Warehouse Management

Integration with Warehouse Management is yet another powerful new feature in the latest release of PrintVis. ADVANCED WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT Microsoft now includes Advanced Warehousing in their base Essentials license, so for 2020 we have added new features which make PrintVis connect more directly and deeply with this important functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Deployed [...]

PrintVis 2020 Highlights: Multi-Company Functionality

We continue our series spotlighting some of the newest features and functionality in the latest release of PrintVis. Multi-Company Functionality The print industry has seen a spate of mergers and acquisitions, especially over the last decade, with many larger companies absorbing small-but-innovative digital startups and adding them to their portfolio of services, expanding both their [...]

PrintVis 2020 Highlights: Pages Redesigned for All-New Modern Client

We continue our series of blog posts to spotlight some of the newest features and functionality in the latest release of PrintVis. Pages Redesigned for Modern Client As Business Central migrates from the Windows Client to the Modern Client, many aspects of the page design needed to be reviewed and optimized. The Consultant team at [...]

Celebrating 20 Years: Senior Consultant Dennis André Thomsen

Last month, Senior Consultant Dennis André Thomsen celebrated his 20th year with PrintVis. Dennis has been a devoted and loyal member of our staff since his very first days in the company. Being educated in shipping, Dennis has been able to apply his specialized knowledge and experience to relevant parts of the system over time [...]

PrintVis Partner Spotlight: Rainbow CrossMedia

Let's continue our Partner Spotlight series, to celebrate our ever-growing Partner network and give a voice to Partners new and old, where they can share their thoughts, discoveries and noteworthy accomplishments with their PrintVis customers. Today we feature long-time Partner Rainbow CrossMedia, adeptly managed by Hans Boerkamp. It’s great to have a chance to introduce [...]

PrintVis 2020 Highlights: AGFA Packages

This week we begin a series of blog posts to spotlight some of the newest features and functionality in our latest release of PrintVis. AGFA PACKAGES Taking a leap into creating some out-of-the-box JDF integration, PrintVis 2020 ships with the first of several predefined levels of integration (“packages”) for communication between PrintVis and AGFA prepress [...]


Congratulations to Lærke on her last day as a trainee at PrintVis.   Lærke has joined PrintVis in October as a trainee in the CSR program we have for young talents with interest in IT and programming. Within this short time, and with a work program of 3 hours per week, Lærke has been introduced [...]

PrintVis 2020 Released

Run Your Entire Print Business with a Single Solution For Immediate Release: November 18, 2019 Email: First release on the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Modern Client Final release with Windows Client and C/Side development environment Available for use in browser, Windows 10 desktop app, mobile apps on Android and iOS, or in [...]

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

PrintVis focuses on the unique needs of the print industry, and we let the core ERP functionality be handled by Microsoft - based on feedback from a huge customer base and a large partner community. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly NAV) is a proven ERP system used by thousands of companies around the world. [...]

The Ultimate Package for Your Packaging Business

As the owner of a packaging business, what would you rather do? Constantly chase your shifting customer base, or stand ready and able to adapt your customers’ changing needs and behaviors, with both feet firmly planted? The trend toward digital within the packaging industry is unquestionably on an upward trajectory. This means a lot more [...]

Tip of the Week #196 – Delete a User

Tip of the Week #196 - Delete a User Developer Rikard Hult brings us a quick tip for keeping your PrintVis system tidy. Delete a user that has been logged on to the system. If you would like to delete an user in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business central you will get this kind of error message: [...]

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