Truly great news this morning!

The hardworking PrintVis Techs have deployed our first customer on Azure.

This PrintVis installation uses among others the following features in PrintVis and NAV:

  • Estimation of printing orders
  • Price requesting from vendors/sub contractors
  • Word documents for quotes and order confirmations
  • Order management
  • Purchase ordering/invoicing
  • Shipping to multiple adresses
  • Print order invoicing
  • Warehouse for customers and reselling of own stock
  • General finance, payments and management


Click-Once deployment
We have deployed a 2-user solution on Azure using the new Click-Once tool from Microsoft.
This allows us to deploy in a remote session with the customer 1 time, and then it is easy for the customer to make the installation again for colleagues. Click-Once allows us to control what package is made available to the customer and ensure that they always get the lates releases. No more old clients on CD’s flying about 🙂

Flying Salesman access.
A big difference for our PV2013 Azure customers will be that we will now also have their documents placed in the cloud, namely on Skydrive. This means that PV users can now access their documents on quotes and orders through their web clients from remote. A salesman can use this to pull up previous quotes and confirmations when visiting customers using his web access client.

We hope to have many more reports very shortly.




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