Protect Your Investment – With a PrintVis Cloud solution

PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics NAV come together to bring a very strong package for printing companies.

Estimation, production planning, shop floor data collection, job costing, etc. are all extremely important features for any MIS system approaching the Printing Industry.

But the fact of the matter is that the platform on which this is served is very important.

With the way IT capabilities are moving, many companies’ hardware is quickly falling behind; new development appears almost quicker than we can absorb it.

As customers using IT we must find a way to adapt to technical development or our solutions become obsolete, or unable to communicate with other systems. The smart and safe choice is to go with systems that are keeping pace with the technological development.

PrintVis is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV – and this platform is constantly moving, along with all the Microsoft products available to a company: Server software, Office packages, network and communication. Actually, PrintVis is certified by Microsoft – it’s called “CfMD” – and very few independent softwares have this.

None other for Printing has it.

To protect your investment,  a very smart thing to do is to choose a system which can move along with the tech flow.

PrintVis is the obvious choice.

A cloud-hosted implementation of PrintVis can be an even more attractive choice – especially for smaller companies. With a PrintVis Cloud solution you no longer need to worry about obsolete servers and updating your package when everyone else adopts some technology you didn’t see coming.

Included in our Cloud solution are system updates and server maintenance –  so your investment is protected and the systems will continue working smoothly even with frequent changes and updates.

Try the PrintVis and NAV experience and see for yourself!


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