PrintVis and JDF set the Standard!

PrintVis has been JDF Certified for over 10 years!

We are happy to share the news that PrintVis was recently recognized for having surpassed 10 years of JDF Certification and CIP4 membership. This puts PrintVis into a rather elite group of companies around the world who know the many benefits that standardization brings to the business world, with ongoing contribution to the CIP4 organization, JDF Specification, and process automation in the print industry.

What is standardization? The process of developing and implementing technical standards, standardization helps to maximize compatibility, interoperability, safety, repeatability, or quality. It can also facilitate commoditization of formerly custom processes. (source)

So what does this mean? This means your print business has the potential to achieve a significant competitive advantage by maintaining standards, and by using internationally-renowned companies such as PrintVis as the database for your enterprise. Similar to ISO certification in concept, JDF (Job Description Format) certification offers cross-platform, common integration and process automation, answering the simple question, “What should one common job ticket for the print industry look like?” With JDF, we have a single common language to support the life cycle of a print job in all its possible aspects, from estimation to prepress to production to post-production and everything in between.  JDF information is ideal for communication amongst the various equipment in your production facility. But with it you can also communicate with other print houses, vendors and customers. The JDF Job Ticket - Evolution of Process Information

“Although automation is not new to the printing industry, what JDF does is make automation accessible to printers of all sizes. Without JDF, automation projects are very expensive custom integration projects in which all aspects of production must be considered. With JDF, a printer can begin implementing automation on a limited basis and add process and equipment at a later point … knowing that if all new equipment supports JDF, they will not have to reengineer processes that are already automated. This is why it is recommended that printers make JDF a requirement for all future equipment purchases.” – Click here for a deeper dive into JDF from

What are the benefits for business through standardization? Gain a strategic advantage over any competition which does not employ standards via insider knowledge, easy and early access to relevant information, and a reduced cost of doing business. For example, you won’t have to depend on a single supplier for a certain product, because the expectation of standards brings transparency to the market. Think inks, stocks, coatings, films – a certain level of quality and performance must be expected or the vendor simply cannot survive.

With the JDF and Microsoft-certified software that PrintVis has developed (and continues to develop) for the global print industry, you have,

  • A means of sending job information to your printing presses
  • A means of standardizing communication between production equipment
  • A way to enable interoperability between different production systems
  • A way to get feedback from production equipment into your MIS system
  • And much, much more

Despite all the accolades, PrintVis is not looking for praise, we are looking for businesses in the print industry just like you. No matter the size of your company, our incredibly affordable, flexible solution will improve every facet of your operation. PrintVis Orbit is now available in North America, and we want to tell you all about it. Drop us a line and let us know what challenges you face every day. You’ll be glad you did! CIP4 has many world-renowned partners in the print industry

PrintVis is proud to be the market leader in MIS/ERP for the global print industry.