Newspaper Printers


What’s so special about newspapers? Sharp deadlines and last minute changes!
In newspaper production the product itself is subject to change at the very last minute, even though the means of production do not change and the production might have been planned for many months. PrintVis effectively lets you combine predictability with the need for last minute changes.


The beauty of having a majority of contracted and pre-planned production is the predictability it offers to management and key functions such as procurement of paper. PrintVis with its copying functions facilitates effective scheduling months or years ahead while also allowing for ad hoc production in between. In this way you can clearly forecast the draw on resources such as paper stock in the near and distant future.


Big news means bigger circulation more newspapers, and very likely more advertisements.

More advertisements mean more pages, often with more color. The biggest change is page changes, as the entire imposition of the newspaper changes completely with only a few extra pages added. This must be easy to do and take effect everywhere in the system. PrintVis helps support the last minute changes and its consequences for paper, web sizes, how many printing towers to use and plan for – and how many plates to produce. Making use of milestones and quick rescheduling capabilities, information on changed production plans are distributed to all areas of production at once – to help avoid mistakes in production.

Last minute changes

By the very nature of news, last minute changes and deadlines are the working reality for the production staff. News cannot be planned for, and advertisements can increase due to campaigns, exhibitions and much more.

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