Packaging the Future

Taking a Peek at the Future of Packaging Worldwide

In its latest report, Smithers Pira, the reputable printing industry research association, projects that the world’s packaging market will continue its current growth rate of about 3.5% per year, reaching estimated sales of $997 billion by 2020. That’s right – just shy of a trillion-dollar industry by the end of this decade.

“The Future of Global Packaging to 2020” gives us a fascinating and comprehensive examination of the continuing trajectory of this formidable segment of the printing industry, categorized by the different manufacturing materials used, the end-user segments they serve and their countries of origin.

Solutions for Paper Board Packaging Companies

Paper board packaging (folding cartons, beverage cartons, corrugated packaging) maintains dominance in the global packaging industry, comprising over 30% of all packaging. This is good news for print businesses, many of whom have extended their services to cater to this ever-growing market segment.

Whether with short, custom digital runs or large/bulk factory runs, paper board packaging can be managed from quote to invoice with an intelligent print management information system. When that system is embedded into a proven ERP system, printers can manage every aspect of their businesses with a single software solution. (If you haven’t already, check out this overview of PrintVis 2016, including our integration with ESKO ArtiosCAD packaging software).

Rapt in Plastic

Rigid Plastics will continue to replace glass and metal for their lightweight characteristics. This is not such good news for the environment, though companies like Coca Cola are working to develop bio-plastic bottles. And it should be added that smaller, lighter packaging has its own environmental benefits, such as decreased fuel consumption in more than one phase of production. Flexible packaging (also plastic) will continue to grow, predominantly in worldwide food packaging sectors.

Break Out a Box o’ Wine and Celebrate!

Meanwhile, metal and glass appear to be evolving into specialty packaging spheres, where the emphasis is on quality over quantity.

Markets in China, India and South Korea appear to be poised for the largest expansion as their economies grow.

While the official report must be purchased (for a rather hefty $5500 or £4,200.00) – online print magazine has a nice synopsis which you can read here.

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