Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Released

What a great feeling it is

to work in a company whose entire product is built directly within another larger, globally-recognized product, and to know they both just keep getting better year after year.

We are talking of course about our PrintVis MIS (management information system) solution for the print industry, and the ever-growing “virtual hotel” where we’ve established permanent residence, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  You can think of PrintVis as occupying the one floor of the hotel that handles everything related to the graphic arts, while NAV does all the rest. Together you’ve got everything you need to manage your entire business, and ample room to grow.

But if you’re reading this, you probably already knew all that.

(If not, you can learn the basics of PrintVis here and the basics of Microsoft Dynamics NAV here).

Today we celebrate the release of NAV 2016 – and it’s a big one folks, with many exciting new developments. As always the next release of PrintVis will follow right behind it, in just a few weeks from now.

In this post we will give you the bullet points of what’s new in NAV 2016 – the broad strokes. In future articles we’ll dive more deeply into the details of new features and functionality.

Gary Winter states in his Blog:

“What’s more, Microsoft goes full speed ahead with its paradigm of making Dynamics NAV the ERP cornerstone of its cloud offering. This means more native integration of crucial cloud components, more platform support for professional software production and a compelling end-user experience. Major enhancements have been made to the following areas: Office 365 & Azure integration, CRM Online, electronic invoicing, process automation by means of Workflow, enhanced functionality in the finance segment, full availability of Microsoft’s test automation suite, and – a new phone client.”

That’s a lot to cover so let’s get started.

Free Download “What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016: WhatsNewNAV2016.docx (340 downloads)

Quick  to  Implement

Works Natively with CRM

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, when using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer engagement and Microsoft Dynamics NAV for order processing and financials, a direct CRM connection enables an optimal and seamless experience in the lead-to-cash process.

Because of the tight integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM accounts and Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers, users can work efficiently in the product that they prefer, using the cross-product features for the lead-to-cash flow.

Works Natively with Azure SQL Extensions

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, a new feature called Extensions enables partners, ISVs, and customers to customize and extend Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, without directly altering the source code.

Distributed via an Extensions “Package” file, Extensions can easily be installed or uninstalled, giving customers complete control over the additional functionality that they need. A full suite of new cmdlets to manage Extensions is provided in the Administrative Shell.

Because the source code is not directly modified, Extensions are also easily upgraded, eliminating code merging.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 can be configured to use Azure SQL as a relational database-as-a-service, eliminating maintenance and reducing costs.

Easy to Use

Windows 10 Universal App

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, the Universal App delivers a familiar role-tailored experience on all your devices, from tablets, notebooks, and 2-in-1s, to desktop computers and smartphones, making it a truly universal app.

Customers run dynamic businesses and an app performing a set of fixed tasks cannot possibly satisfy every customer’s unique and changing needs. Microsoft therefore provides the building blocks so that partners can easily craft beautiful, role-tailored experiences across devices.

Usability Enhancements

With a renewed focus on simplicity, productivity , and performance, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Web client now includes popular features such as cross-column search, collapsible Fast Tabs, freeze pane, search- as-you-type, language selection, change company, and much more.

Test Automation Suite

In NAV 2016, Microsoft has reintroduced the test automation suite for Partners to test their customized solutions and implementations. The enhancements include repeatability, which was missing previously, reducing or completely removing man-hours spent on manual testing and therefore improving Partner’s efficiency.

The test automation suite adds testing capabilities to the development environment, the C/AL language, and the runtime platform.

Power to Support

Finance Enhancements

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, a new feature called Report Enhancements updates existing reports and helps you create new reports.

North American report updates include updating the paper size on all reports to Letter size when printing.

W1 report updates include changing the 25 report to Landscape orientation, so you can see more information, and adding the Vendor Pre-Payment Journal, so you can view which invoices will be paid for each vendor payment .

Document Management

In NAV 2016 you can store incoming documents, for example, PDFs from vendors, or scanned or captured images of paper versions, and you can use these documents to create corresponding purchase documents or journal lines. You can also track the original document from draft and posted purchase documents, as well as from ledger entries.


Once in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, to capture invoices you can use an external optical character recognition (Lexmark ICS) service. Similar to electronic documents, the Lexmark ICS integration means that unstructured PDFs or scanned invoices or credit memos can be extracted into structured data, allowing further automatic processing without any need to retype.


In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, you can use more than 20 workflow templates to connect business processes according to best practices or industry-standard practices.

Anyone can design a workflow by creating or modifying workflow steps and selecting from lists of events and responses. A workflow designer can build sophisticated workflows, without the need of adding application code.


In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, you can send and receive electronic invoices and credit memos in the Pan-European Public Procurement (PEPPOL), B2G format, through the freemium document exchange service Tradeshift.

Received electronic documents are integrated into the document management features, for example, they are stored in Incoming Documents, along with PDF or scanned paper invoices. From here, users can create purchase invoices and purchase credit memos, or general journal lines.

You can add workflows to automatically process any incoming electronic document.

Power BI

NAV 2016 includes an entirely new integration with Microsoft Power BI.

Connect to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV instance and immediately have access to performance insights into your business. The App is designed specifically for small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners, managers and executives to provide details about customers, sales and finance. The dashboard and reports are built on top of a fully-featured model, allowing you to explore and analyze your data as needed. Automatic Refresh ensures you’re always seeing the latest data.

Stay tuned for more insights on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and for the announcement of the next release of PrintVis.

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*Feature descriptions taken directly from Microsoft materials.

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