Microsoft Dynamics CRM

PrintVis easily integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In times of industry shift and economic contraction, your customer’s experience is probably going to make the difference between loyalty and abandonment. Once an order goes live, your customer service structure is key. Responding to their needs with consistently excellent service will create loyal and profitable long-term relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you to proactively analyze your customer history and identify those who might be at risk of defecting and why. Building a loyal customer base is obviously a primary goal for a print company – any size, any location. To achieve this, you need a systems infrastructure that gives you detailed information on each customer’s activities – and gives you the oversight to proactively analyze and anticipate any customer dissatisfaction. Once you’ve got PrintVis putting you securely in the driver’s seat of your production, Dynamics CRM can be there for you to reinforce the experience of that less tangible – yet absolutely crucial – aspect of your business: Your customer’s experience.

  • Save Money – Microsoft offers a significantly lower price than the competition including
  • Ease of use –Microsoft Office Outlook/Excel user experience for increased productivity
  • Better Flexibility – Dynamics CRM allows you to build more entities and workflows over the competition
  • Power of Choice – a system that changes as your business needs changes and allows deployment options of online or on-premises

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives your customer service reps and salespeople the support, information and flexibility they need to get the job done and keep the jobs coming.

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