Last Postcard from DRUPA

Have you ever been to a trade show? If not, you may not know what unique beasts they can be.

Inspiring, invigorating, often dazzling and sometimes quite hectic – like an über-caffeinated shopping mall dedicated to a single product group. On the other hand – incredibly tiring and sometimes tedious, causing the most ardent patrons to check the afternoon time with increasing frequency, daydreaming about collapsing backward onto the cool hotel bed.

With its 12-day span and sheer immensity of scale, DRUPA (yes, we are rebelling against the all lower case) is easily one of the world’s largest and most challenging trade shows to participate in. As we approach the last two days of the graphical behemoth, it becomes a comfort to know that it’s only held once every 4 years.

So hats off to DRUPA – the global print industry is alive and well!

PrintVis has met hundreds of prospective customers from around the world, as well as potential new Partners and Resellers of our print MIS/ERP solution. Just a brief list from the impressive smörgasbord of countries represented here (in no particular order): Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Romania, India, Denmark, USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Iran, Lebanon, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, Russia, Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, Sri Lanka, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Argentina – and so many more, including of course Germany. 

The fact that PrintVis undergoes continuous development directly within Microsoft Dynamics NAV (a globally-proven ERP system used by some 250,000 businesses), and celebrates the release of our newest and best version each year (concurrent with Microsoft’s release of NAV), should positively resonate on 2 very important levels:

  1. Longevity – The system is here to stay

  2. Innovation – It’s only going to get better and better

So long DRUPA – and be assured we’ll have an even better “vision” – in 2020!

See what I did there? 😉 Bet they’ll steal it.

Up next: GraphExpo 2016!

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