JDF Enhancements in PrintVis 2018

As the standard file format for the printing industry, JDF simplifies information exchange among various systems and provides detailed information, including design and workflow details, as well as Job Messaging Format (JMF) signaling, so you can track a project from start to finish.

“JDF has given our organization the ability to make an interface with everything we need our MIS to track, easily.” — Customer

With over 10 years of JDF Certification and CIP4 membership, PrintVis knows the many benefits that standardization brings to process automation in the print industry (read more about JDF here).


As a job in JDF is represented with a tree structure, we have enhanced the entire JDF functionality with more information moved from the “leaves” to the “roots.” This makes for improved performance with several systems on the market.

  • We can now write JDF in versions 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5
  • A new JDF Intent setup option has been added – this will only write Intent Nodes (aspects of the job) and allows for a simpler job description – in a less detailed and hard-coded manner than standard JDF
  • Cost Center Configurations have been enhanced on the CIP4 setup options
  • There is a new setup option to include Dimension Nodes in the Intent area

Of course, not all print companies use JDF to automate their workflow – many are too small to need sophisticated automation. However, it’s great to know that JDF integration is always available with your PrintVis system, should your business grow to the extent that full job process automation becomes beneficial to your bottom line.

Learn even more about JDF here!

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