By John Mullins, PrintVis Inc, Atlanta, Georgia

I used to walk into a print shop and their way of evaluating their business was very simple.  Their presses were running and they could pay all their bills and they had some money left over at the end of the month so everything must be ok, right?  Well when the economy started to slow, smart business owners began to really look at their operations for more than just a global view.  They were asking the right questions but struggling to get any answers:

  • Who are my best and most profitable customers?
  • Who are my most efficient employees?
  • Which jobs did I lose money on last week/month/year?

The list goes on and on….

While it is impossible for most owners, even the smaller print companies, to be actively involved on every job, software and systems can help to give that valuable business intelligence without disrupting the work that needs to get done.

A properly installed and implemented MIS/ERP is worth every dime you spend on it.  It will allow you to know what is occurring without having to ask employees for information they may not have or may not want to share (I have yet to go into a print shop where “employee carelessness” is the reason for additional waste).  It will let you get to the core challenges that your business might have and allow you to see where you need to invest and where you need to divest in people, equipment, raw materials, etc.

Working with your MIS/ERP system to get the information you need and want in a useful format is something that smart owners have done but kept to themselves.  I hear all the time about how clients are able to do more jobs with fewer employees or they were able to “fire” a customer that they were losing money on and it has helped their bottom line.  They are only able to realize these gains by leveraging software and duplicable systems and by understanding their processes.

Even if your company is small in head count, the investment that you can make in your company by using PrintVis has a tremendous ROI.  I challenge you to look at your current business practices and think objectively about how a powerful business system can help your bottom line or contact us for some honest feedback about what we can do for you.

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