Introducing the PrintVis Front Office User

Are You Paying for More Than You Need?

Does your printing company’s ERP licensing put a huge strain on your budget? With the many struggles and challenges facing the print industry since the onset of digital media, one thing’s for certain: None of us needs to be paying for something we don’t use.

Your estimator doesn’t need payroll privileges – why pay for that? Your CSRs and sales people do not need to post invoices or do the bookkeeping on your inventory – why pay for those? Such general ledger abilities comprise the major difference in the cost of a “Full User” and a “Limited User” in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  And that cost is significant.

PrintVis allows your team to work from anywhere!

This is why we’ve created the new PrintVis Front Office user type.

Your people get all the functionality of PrintVis built directly on Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV 2013, but at an incredible savings of nearly 50%. Don’t pay for functionality you don’t need!

  • Create New and Maintain Existing Contacts and Customers
  • Create a Sales Order
  • Run a Sales Report from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Track the Status of the Sales Pipeline
  • Create PrintVis Cases and Estimates
  • Create PrintVis Orders
  • Send Quotes and Order Confirmations to the Customer
  • Create/Prepare Drafts for Invoices
  • Track the Order Progress
  • Create and Maintain a Production Plan with Pool and Fine Planning
  • Create and Maintain Milestones on an Order
  • Print Job Tickets

You can arm your sales force, your estimators, your plant managers and others with the full functionality of PrintVis (minus only back-end system access. But that’s ok – you don’t need your sales guy fiddling with your run-time tables).

Ready to upgrade? Want to know more? Contact PrintVis today.