How to Move Forward When You Keep Looking Back?

Telltale Signs You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks: You Can’t Move Forward When You Keep Looking Back 

Before you make any monumental business decisions in our ever-fluctuating print industry, it is of course wise to have a thorough understanding of your books.  Can you afford to add that new press or will it take a crippling chunk out of your profit margin?

Unfortunately, when using entry-level accounting software like QuickBooks, the answers don’t come as easily or quickly as the questions.  While you can draw financial data from QuickBooks, you still need details from procurement, pre-press, production, and all your other departments to provide the information you need to move forward with an understanding of the risks.  Constantly going back to the books and your managers means you are looking backward more often than forward.

Growing Pain #4: Looking Back isn’t Helping Your Business Move Forward

According to a 2012 survey by Information Week Enterprise Applications, 24% of businesses hope to develop and deliver innovate products and services. In order to achieve this forward-thinking approach to business, you need access to critical business data so you can make the timely and informed decisions that drive growth.  If you are unable to get your hands on detailed financial reports in real-time, then you never really know where your business stands.  Are you making money or losing money? Does QuickBooks give you the job-costing functionality you really need to know?  Is your profit margin high or are you just barely breaking even?  You know you’ve outgrown QuickBooks when you’re so busy looking at reports focused on a backward view of your business that you don’t have time for planning and capitalizing on your future.

PrintVis with Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to turn your attention toward the future.  Our comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can put all of your important data right at your fingertips without adding too much complexity, through a familiar, user-friendly interface.

Now with quick access to financial, production, inventory, job costing and other key data in less time, and with greater accuracy, you won’t need to waste time calling your managers or digging through the books.  Powerful and personalized business intelligence makes it even easier to make the smart, quick decisions that sustain your print business and ultimately drive growth.  You can also spot trends with your customers, vendors, and internally that you can use to your advantage.

Billy Brewer, General Manager at Lithocraft, Inc. says, Lithocraft continues to invest in new printing and converting equipment to improve production efficiency and capabilities.  We rely on the job data we input in PrintVis to ensure we keep the presses productive.  PrintVis helps us better serve our customers.”

Jennifer Matt, (Online Printing & Publishing Magazine) writes: “Consider the positive scenario, you are a five million dollar operation today, you are on a growth trend due to some great sales efforts and some acquisitions of local competitors. If you move from five million to twenty million over a couple of years, you could be looking at as many as three painful Print MIS transitions. With PrintVis you would simply continue to add users as you grew and based on your IT expertise/preferences potentially move from a cloud-based offering to hosting the solution on your premises if that made more sense for your new larger business reality.”

With more insight, you can boost profit margins by sharpening your supply chain, improving productivity, and optimizing cash flow.  Outperform your competition by being the quickest to respond to customers, spotting trends in the print industry and still maintain the profit you need to grow strong.

The possibilities are endless when you can stop looking backward for data you need and use the incredibly robust business solution PrintVis has developed for the graphics industry – YOUR industry.

So let us help you move forward and take your business to the next level. Take a test drive, or CONTACT US to learn more about PrintVis’s cloud or on-premises solutions for small and mid-sized graphics companies. Join us next week when we explore the next growing pain:  putting off new business opportunities.

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