Congratulations to Lærke on her last day as a trainee at PrintVis.


Lærke has joined PrintVis in October as a trainee in the CSR program we have for young talents with interest in IT and programming.

Within this short time, and with a work program of 3 hours per week, Lærke has been introduced to AL programming for page customizations and report programming. Her final task was an actual customer report, requested by a US Customer, showing shipments and noting the precision of delivery (days late) and quantity (qty deviation). This report will be provided to the customer who requested this and will also be added to the standard product to enrich the software with a new feature. Lærke has left a footprint in PrintVis.

In the training program, PrintVis developer Tommy Svendsen has conducted training sessions and has put forward the training assignments she has been working with. Lærke has then completed her assignments at astonishing speed and thus given her teacher a real run for his money.

Kit Tomshøj is heading up our CSR program, which mainly is a program of internships from the school ‘Ørting’ for young people with Autism Spectrum challenges. In this program we provide opportunity for students at the school to investigate the world of software development to see if this could be suitable line of work in the future.

For Lærke especially, this seems to be the case, but this is not a given.
Contrary to what the general perception is, having Autism Spectre challenges is not necessarily the same as being a mathematician genius nor an IT nerd. If we can inspire the young people to work with IT that is a great achievement, but it is equally important to provide a window to a world which can then be crossed off on the list, so the student can move on to new challenges and find their true vocation. As with all other youngsters, whether that would be software, hardware, landscaping or childcare does not matter – as long as they are happy in the job they find.

The benefits internally for PrintVis is of course that the staff gets to know these young persons for a brief moment in their lives and see them develop. They certainly bring a youthful vibe to our somewhat seasoned group.

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