Forecasting Azure Skies in Denmark

Wednesday, March 11, 2015. By Kit Tomshøj.

Today, I visited a conference for Danish C5 and NAV software partners.

Some of them sell “plain vanilla” NAV and implement with a degree of customization, and some have NAV-based verticals and horizontals.

They were invited to the Microsoft Technology Center Copenhagen for a day of inspiration and lively discussion about Microsoft Azure, their cloud hosting platform.

PrintVis was invited to share our experiences, successes and learning path on the way to fully using Azure as a means of providing a complete Microsoft experience for our customers.

Alongside us was also Vilhelm Jensen, CEO of Production Facilities, whose company was the first in the world to go live with a NAV 2013 solution on Microsoft Azure, and the second in the world to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

His experience was interesting and very relevant for the 75 partner representatives in the audience, as many of them have not had practical experience with Azure – yet.


Everyone knows that we are at the brink of a big move from in-house servers to Azure/cloud deployment.

Vilhelm states his satisfaction with the Azure deployment as it allows him to be on the move – and bring his office with him.

He is an old-fashioned salesman who knows the importance of servicing his customers almost round the clock – and also of visiting and doing business in the customers’ offices, quoting or taking orders on the spot. This is possible – and easy – because he has his laptop and the embedded PrintVis and Office365.

However, no success story would be complete without a few bumps along the way. Graphical Production Facilities uses MACs rather than PCs. The Azure deployment reached through a MAC computer required an emulated PC – which was finally solved with “Parallels“. This was a new trick to learn for the otherwise experienced consultants and developers at PrintVis.

Subsequently this has been incorporated and PrintVis is running smoothly on MACs this way on a regular basis.

Production Facilities also has a subscription license, which allows them to tune up or down their number of licensed users. However – it has not been necessary to tune down.

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