CIP4 Spring InterOp, Copenhagen 2019

CIP4 Spring InterOp, Copenhagen 2019

PrintVis has been a keen participant in the CIP4 community for many years.

For outsiders to the printing industry, the work done in this dedicated forum is completely obscure; for printing company staff members it is largely unnoticed except for a small portion of techies in the printing industry who understand the complexity and consequences (benefits) this work has for their businesses.

It is of no small importance.

The CIP4 organization is a small body of people, representatives from all important companies which are vendors to the industry.

The purpose is to create one single method of communication between all software systems in the printing company, thereby ensuring production optimization, less errors and clearer, quicker feedback from ERP to production of various sorts – and back to ERP with status messages and consumption details. And much more of course.

This format is JDF – Job Definition Format.

This year – in the spring of 2019 – we are currently in the middle of the Spring InterOp as is the correct title of this event. In PrintVis, we are very excited and happy to be the hosts.

We have been so fortunate as to have Microsoft help us with the hosting, as we have borrowed venue space in the brand-new Microsoft building in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is very nice to be in the middle of the buzz from this leading tech company, where almost everyone you see is a dedicated techie on their particular field. Just like the techies CIP4-member companies send to the table for this session.

The work they do is partly deciding on new features and improvements for the XML specifications which form the JDF convention. An equally important part is testing the communication with the decided parameters. Testing, failing, fixing, testing.

What is so special about this is that the room is full of companies which are internally competing for customers. When we are out in the market – we are there to win.
But in this closed body of JDF superminds, specialists and theoreticians the mood and ambience in the rooms is of concentration, helpfulness, open-mindedness and calm. There is great respect among these guys and it shows.

One of the new things currently on the table is enhancements for digital and large format print. The new machine capabilities bring fresh needs to the table – and we are all challenged by the versatility these machines offer.

In PrintVis we certainly welcome this work. We are internally working to improve the way PrintVis can manage the parameters and capabilities these machines offer the print shops, so that the print shops (and eventually their customers) can maximize the benefits of this equipment.

As the conference moves along we are following the improvements and taking notes which will – for all of us – be homework for the coming months.

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