CIP4 Interop #32 – Cambridge

Setting New Standards with JDF

Twice each year, members of the CIP4 organization gather from around the world to a unique location where they meet and discuss the latest developments with JDF, XJDF and JFML, while engaging in technical tutorials and sharing ideas. The CIP4 InterOp Conference #32 was recently held at Clare College in Cambridge, and there representing PrintVis was our own Developer Christian Mütze. PrintVis has been a loyal CIP4 member for over 12 years now. 

What is JDF? In CIP4’s Own Words

“Job Definition Format (JDF) is a technology that allows systems from many different vendors to interoperate in automated and MIS centric workflows. While technically it is an XML software specification, it is more importantly and basically a means to allow a PSP to connect multiple vendor solutions to an MIS and to allow a workflow solution for automation and business process models.

At the conference, PrintVis tested the latest JDF for our upcoming release, for its compatibility with Agfa, Kodak, Heidelberg and others.  As a new feature we plan to introduce a “simplified Intent JDF,” which we anticipate will make it even easier to start with JDF. We also participated in an XJDF presentation and discussion. XJDF (JDF 2.0), a simplified version of JDF – assumes that a job ticket exists only as an internal representation within a management application, whereas the original versions of JDF were based on the idea of a complete electronic job ticket.

Speaking of XJDF, we would like to hear from our customers and Partners – would you be interested in PrintVis supporting this? Let us know!

Some Impressive Stats About JDF

  • 60% – Printers have highlighted investing in Workflow Automation
  • 277% – Average ROI for JDF-enabled automation
  • 480% – Average ROI for fully automated, end-to-end automation
  • 6979 – Average labor hours saved/year by printers who implement JDF

(Sources: InfoTrends’ Production Software Investment Outlook and CIP4 CIPPI Case Studies)

If the JDF concept is new to you and you think it might benefit your company, by all means get in touch with us and let us know – we’re here to help! Members of CIP4 also converge online at the CIP4 Confluence portal, where questions are answered, problems are addressed and ideas are shared. Non-members are also welcome to register as visitors and peruse the formidable knowledge collected and made freely available on the site – we encourage you to do so!

To sum up, PrintVis takes pride in our long-term membership and collaboration with the CIP4 family. Our commitment to standardization is a vital aspect of our approach to improving print management information systems for the print industry, and the JDF technologies both facilitate and perpetuate that commitment, by establishing standards for optimizing administrative workflows.

Read more about PrintVis and integration here. 

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