C/Side Goes by the Wayside

You probably know by now that Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the long-running base product where PrintVis resides, has undergone a substantial name change. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the new moniker for the engine that supports our solution to the print industry. For our 2019 release (released November 2018), our developers and consultants weren’t subjected to too many radical changes “under the hood” from Microsoft. For the next release, however, that’s far from the case.

The original NAV development environment, known as C/Side, and the old Windows Client, are both going by the wayside with Microsoft’s upcoming October release “Wave 2” of Business Central. All code customization moving forward will now occur in AL and their modern Visual Studio Code developer environment. Microsoft’s long-term goal has been to unify their tools for code customization and create “much richer developer scenarios,” which is terrific news for all the app developers and smaller ISVs out there.

But for PrintVis – this means our “house” – built progressively on the foundation of C/Side for over 20 years, must now move across the street to AL (pardon the mixed metaphors).

Ready guys? OK, one, two, three – HEAVE – and don’t drop anything!

As usual, details on Microsoft’s next release are difficult to find. Our friends at the MSDynamicsWorld blog suspect the big reveal(s) will come during the upcoming Directions EMEA in Vienna this October (of which PrintVis is a sponsor). Our team is also hard at work on the new Modern Client, which is replacing the Windows Client. It’s a tremendous amount of work, but we’re up to the task. Tasks.

Spoiler alert: The Modern Client is significantly different from the Windows Client. Change is good! Stay tuned for October and meanwhile, you can still get good old PrintVis 2019. Why not request a demo for your print shop today?

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