At PrintVis we have several ways in which you can communicate with our development team.

Most of these ways are asynchronous. You send us a message, wait, and hope for a response. You can do that via our support portal or the forum.

The difference between creating the ticket and using the forum is the fact that the whole PrintVis community can help you out when you post something on the forum. You may get an answer sooner because the audience reading your question is a lot bigger.

Support tickets are a great way to communicate, in most of the cases free of charge, but just like with Microsoft some may be chargeable and you don’t always know up front if they are or not.

Developers Open Office Hours are Free and Interactive!

The Developers Open Office Hours we host are free and interactive. We have as many PrintVis developers join that we can spare and you have the whole team to ask any question to. You’ll get an immediate answer if we have it or we’ll get back if we need time to find out.

Each session starts at 4pm CET and we’ll be online for 90 minutes. Sometimes there are prepared topics to discuss and pre-recorded video’s. Sometimes we just show up and answer questions.


Tuesday October 26th
Thursday November 4th
Tuesday November 16th
Thursday November 25th
Tuesday December 7th
Thursday December 16th

Please join us as many times as you can!