Business Central is connected to Office 365 tenants. This means that in order to work or test with the system you can activate Business Central in your administration portal.

If you activate Business Central you get one Production environment and three sandboxes.

This works fine while implementing Business Central but it gives a few headaches if you are a PrintVis Partner or a PrintVis Prospect.


A PrintVis prospect may or may not have Office 365. In order to play around with a demo system it would be nice if they can have something to experiment with without the “hassle” of setting up users etc. Most often Office 365 is managed by internal or external IT and it should not be a bottleneck in sales processes to depend on their availabilty.


In order to create and delete sandboxes you need to be an administrator in Office 365 and you don’t want to make every consultant and developer that. Also, you have only three sandboxes and most likely more developers and consultants that that.

The Solution

Fortunately Microsoft has as solution. You can create as many systems as you like that can stay active for 3 months up until a year.

Microsoft documented this on their website. To make it even easier, we recorded how to do this in a video.

Adding PrintVis Demo data

The video also explains how to add PrintVis Demo data. There are two ways of doing this. In this blog I will describe one with some screenshots, in the video we also show a second, more advanced option that is available to PrintVis partners only.

Step 1 – Search for “Configuration Packages” in your Business Central sandbox

Step 2 – Apply Trial Data Package

Step 3 – Accept This Dialog Box (We download the data from Azure Blob Storage here)

Step 4 – Consent the Package

Step 5 – Change Role Center