Are You Creating Forever Customers, Or Are You At Risk of Being Left Behind?

Microsoft-Certified, Cloud-Hosted MIS and ERP for the Print Industry – for You.

We recently came across a Forbes article that nicely sums up the growing revolution in business – resulting from rapid advances in cloud computing.

EntitledWhy The Cloud Is The Biggest Disruptor In Every Business Today,it lays out how virtually every enterprise technology company – Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft and more – is seeing a major profit increase as a result of “harnessing the power of the cloud.”

Soon, virtually every single business will be wrestling with cloud strategy, both in terms of their own utilization of the cloud to become more efficient and in terms of their deployment of cloud-based products and services that will be delivered via subscription and on-demand models as opposed to one-time sales.

As a result of these types of innovations, companies that are getting the cloud formula right are creating forever customers who prize the conveniences and intuitive nature of a relationship that is automated and occurs almost entirely in the cloud.

While printing of course includes the manufacture of actual physical goods, print businesses are no exception to the growing move toward cloud computing. Web storefronts are fast becoming a necessity for commercial printers, and many graphics businesses are finally ready to get rid of their motley crew of disparate software (and hardware) dinosaurs and streamline their operations with a single, cloud-hosted solution that handles all their needs – affordably. This includes managing all your customer data, sales, inventory, shop floor and production data and of course, the company finances.

The ability to do all this under a pay-as-you-go, pay-for-what-you-need subscription model means that any size or type of print house can finally leverage enterprise technology to their benefit without breaking their budget.

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