About PrintVis Pricing

Most consumers today do their own research before making contact with a vendor – we at PrintVis welcome that! 

Once you are ready to move forward with other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Or – if you already know you want to take a look at the system – request a demo today!

Let’s Get Started

Nobody knows your company better than you do, but PrintVis does know your industry. After 20 years and over 300 implementations worldwide, we understand that print businesses each have their unique way of doing things, and you place different priorities on what you need from your software investment based on how you operate.

Built directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, PrintVis has the capacity to grow to a full ERP system for anyone who wishes to take it that far. However, we know that you’ll most likely want to start with the basics – estimating, accounting, perhaps some simple job scheduling.

No Need to Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Your mother always told you to chew your food well – don’t rush and don’t take too big a bite. The same principle applies just as well to your print software. We don’t want you to set unrealistic expectations for the speed of adoption of a new system throughout your company, which is a major reason why many implementations ultimately fail.

Fast, Affordable ERP for Print? Yes!

It’s also why we offer the Starter Pack:  To get you going with what you need first – go live and grow at a pace that works for you.

We will set you up with a full user and basic estimating package, or a basic accounting package, so that the key players on your team can begin working where you need them, and others can follow suit when it’s time.

This allows for faster implementations, milder learning curves, earlier adoption and user satisfaction – and going live with prices you never thought possible for ERP.

Software Your Way

It also sets a nice precedent for moving on to the next level – training and implementing the next modules you wish to use. Some companies have their own IT personnel who can handle it from here, others may wish to purchase some “a la carte” training from our consultants. Also, both PrintVis and Microsoft make great efforts to have plenty of DIY learning materials readily available.

We are as invested in your success as you are!

A Pricing Overview To Help You Understand Your Print Software Investment

Pricing a software solution can become complicated because there are so many options available to help address the specific needs of your company. Rather than attempt to illustrate every possibility, we will attempt to offer a basic summary.

With PrintVis, you have 2 primary considerations: The software itself, and the server to run it.
Within the software, you have 2 primary options: You can purchase the license(s) outright (“Perpetual”) or “rent” on a monthly basis (“Subscription”).

Within the hosting, you also have 2 primary options: You can buy your own server room and hardware (plus any required server software, backup plan etc.) and host on your premises, or pay a monthly (or annual) fee to have it hosted by another party “in the cloud.”

We are left with 4 possible combinations: 

  1. You subscribe to both the software and the hosting
  2. You purchase both the software and the necessary items to host on your own premises
  3. You subscribe to our software monthly but host it on your own servers
  4. You purchase our software outright but pay someone else host it in the cloud
  • You can either purchase PrintVis outright, or subscribe monthly.
  • PrintVis can install our solution on your servers of choice, or we can host it for you.

For these 2 considerations, PrintVis can provide you with a full quote on your investment.

However, if you want to pay for your own servers and IT, you will have to factor those in to your total investment price. Likewise if you pay a third party for cloud hosting.  Either of these options are yours to keep in mind.

About PrintVis User Seats

PrintVis offers 3 user types: Full User, Front Office User and Shop Floor User. Each type has different levels of access to the system; Full User has unlimited access, Front Office User has somewhat fewer permissions (such as no posting to the General Ledger) and Shop Floor User has the lowest level of access (but everything a Shop Floor worker would need). As you might expect, these range in price from highest to lowest, respectively.

The pricing for these PrintVis user types will depend on 2 factors:

  1. Whether you are subscribing monthly or purchasing outright
  2. Whether you want PrintVis (or one of our Partners) to provide the hosting or not

Under our Subscription Model, all user types are Named Users, each requiring a unique username and password.

Under our Perpetual Model, the user types are Concurrent Users – meaning a predefined number of users can access the system simultaneously at any given time, based upon the number of licenses purchased. Otherwise, the licenses are for company-wide use, in comparison with the specifically named seats of the Subscription Model.

The pricing for the 3 user types is different between the Perpetual Model and the Subscription Model.

*For an additional monthly fee you can add Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or both.

Learn more about User Types here.

The PrintVis Basic Package

This Installation Package is a complete offer under one specific scenario. Think of it as the old “Blue Plate Special” from your favorite diner – it comes with specific items in specific portions for a fixed, low price. Can you make substitutions or additions? Of course you can, but then it’s not the Blue Plate Special anymore and the price will be different.

Our Basic Installation Package includes one Super User, RapidStart Installation, basic setup adjustments specific to your company needs to ensure a successful Go Live date, full hosting by PrintVis and worry-free, annual upgrades to the system (the type where you get an advance email about a few hours’ downtime during the wee hours of the weekend). You also get access to a vast amount of self-training materials from both PrintVis and Microsoft.

Check out User Type details. 

So as explained above, changes to any of the factors given in the Basic Installation scenario will be deviating from your “Blue Plate Special.” Not necessarily by much – and sometimes your price could be lower if you take out the hosting (rental of the server).

We understand every company has specific requirements. We present this detailed pricing scenario for your benefit – to give you some idea of what an entry-level ERP investment for your company could look like.