PrintVis’ Ease of Use Helps Your People

A print business management solution that’s easy to learn, use, and manage empowers people to do their best work

Choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a strategic investment for your company, so it’s well worth your time to carefully examine your options. We’ve created a 10-point evaluation checklist to help you do this, and we’re exploring one checklist item each week for 10 weeks. So far, we’ve covered four items (follow the links to read the full discussions):

  1. Goes beyond traditional ERP
  2. Offers deployment flexibility and choice
  3. Features strong customer-vendor relationships
  4. Integrates easily with other LOB applications

This week, we highlight the importance of choosing a business solution that makes it easy for your people to excel at their jobs. Equipping them to deliver peak performances enhances their job satisfaction, and those performances help your company flourish.

Choose a business management solution that delivers ease of use

This sounds pretty obvious, but take the time to examine “ease of use” from four different perspectives. The individual user experience. When was the last time you were given a user’s manual for an app that you downloaded? Who taught you how to use Facebook? A good business management solution will be easy for your people to understand and use. An intuitive user experience will eliminate extensive training time and costs—and accelerate adoption. Your people get up to speed faster, and their productivity and efficiency accelerate your return on investment.

Chances are good that you already use Microsoft applications such as Windows and Office on a daily basis. Deploying PrintVis with Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you amazing affordability, ease of use, flexibility of subscription size and perhaps most importantly, the ability to expand your ERP as your business grows. Updating is a breeze, a far cry from the old behemoth implementation projects – the apprehension of which keeps so many companies using old, broken systems. Sound familiar?

Applicability across the business.

Benefits can be amplified when a business management solution extends ease of use to all parts of the operation: headquarters and the field, for example, or sales and on the production floor, accounting and distribution, and all geographic locations. Consistent, end-to-end ease of use helps everyone communicate and collaborate better, meet deadlines, and make the best decisions.

Cloud-based options.

The flexibility to deploy part or all of a business management solution in the cloud opens additional ease-of-use opportunities: easier deployment, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and scaling. In cloud-based options, off-loading these workloads frees you and your people to focus on taking your print business to new levels. This is PrintVis in a nutshell.

Compatibility with other systems your company uses.

Individual business systems might be easy to use, but the benefit can be lost if they don’t work together in a consistent way. The right choice for you will be a print business management solution that works like and with other systems and technology that your company already uses, such as Microsoft Office, CRM and of course Dynamics NAV.

Business solutions from Microsoft deliver ease of use from all four perspectives

Business solutions from Microsoft feature a consistent look and feel that your people already know and work with. If they already know and use Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel, they will find the Microsoft Dynamics NAV user experience familiar and adopt it faster. Because a business solution from Microsoft works like and with other Microsoft technology, it helps increase adoption rates and lower training costs (and PrintVis offers convenient, “a la carte”-style training sessions).

Straightforward deployment, features designed to support international business, a global community of technology professionals available to help, and quick, easy extensibility combine to enable consistent ease of use throughout an organization. Flexible Microsoft cloud-based options (PrintVis can be easily and affordably hosted on Microsoft Azure) simplify deployment, operation, and maintenance—and offer financial benefits as well. And a print-specific business solution from PrintVis and Microsoft helps you get more value out of your other Microsoft technology investments.

Maybe your company uses Microsoft SQL Server for databases or Microsoft SharePoint Server to maintain portals for your employees and business partners; or maybe you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage customer information. Your people probably work with productivity tools like Microsoft Word to create forms or Microsoft Excel to analyze data maintained in a SQL Server database. All of these products share the Windows platform, and they present a familiar look and feel to users.

Choosing a business management solution that works like and with these productivity tools and server products unlocks a new level of value in all of them. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Customer success story            

Small and midsize print organizations around the world count on PrintVis with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to deliver the ease of use that boosts their employees’ productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction. More and more of these companies also run our solution in the cloud, helping them to simplify system deployment and management. Take a look at how one company is achieving success, positioning itself for growth, and helping its employees excel at their jobs:

“We have realized efficiency gains of 40 percent by automating a large part of our order administration.” 

– Vilhelm Jensen, Director, Graphical Production Facilities

On Monday, February 4th 2013 the print broker company Graphical Production Facilities from Copenhagen, Denmark, went live on their new PrintVis cloud-hosted solution. Given the nature of the business it was quite fantastic to see how a 3-hour RapidStart setup could satisfy 80% of the basic setup required for running a company in daily life. The implementation project went on for only 6 days – all based on web access from the PrintVis consultants. After a fully-dedicated backup is online for the first 1-2 days, there would be a slow transition from the hands of the dedicated consultants to the hands of Support desk – supported by weekly follow-up in the first month.


***** Join us next week for part 6 of our blog series, when we’ll encourage you to test the cost predictability of the new print business management solutions you’re considering. Learn more about a business solution from PrintVis and Microsoft, take a product test drive, or register for an upcoming webcast. Or – Contact PrintVis today!


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