2015 PrintVis Partner Meeting in Gdaṅsk

December 2 – 4, Gdaṅsk, Poland

Each year PrintVis hosts a gathering of our global network of Partners, where we introduce the new features and functionality in our latest print MIS software release, bringing to fruition all the efforts of the preceding 12 months.

As PrintVis is developed directly within Microsoft Dynamics NAV it makes sense that we coincide our release with theirs, and as you probably know, Dynamics NAV for 2016 was revealed just a few weeks ago, with a bevy of exciting new tools.

In Gdansk, our consultants and developers gave demonstrations of some of the exciting new features in PrintVis 2016, including:

  • Integration to ESKO/ArtiosCAD
  • Paper Purchase Automation
  • Enhanced Purchase Functionality
  • Bottleneck Planning
  • Integration Events
  • Quick Order Entry on Tablet Interface
  • Metro Shop Floor Camera Support
  • Label/Tool Functionality

During the coming days/weeks we will be diving deeply into the new features of both PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.  Meanwhile, you can download a brochure on new NAV features here.

Partner Meeting 2015

The PrintVis Partner Meeting makes for a rich tapestry of new ideas and information, intensive training, social networking and camaraderie. And we always manage to explore the architecture, food and culture of our host city. With its immense Oliwa Cathedral, Town Hall clocktower and multi-colored building facades, Old City Gdansk was truly breathtaking. It was remarked upon more than once that it looks just like Disney World – but of course it’s the real deal.

Our excursion to the 13th-century Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork was also nothing short of awesome. The tour guide took us to some of the deepest reaches of the ancient structure, outlining its history with eloquence and levity. 

But there is one overarching intention behind the annual Partner Meeting – and that is to strengthen and grow our Partner Network, as it is the principal channel for getting PrintVis into the hands of print companies around the world.

This year we had our best turnout yet, with more than 30 people representing nearly 15 different countries, all gathered to close out the year with a toast and set plans for the future. We had long-time Partners from The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Singapore and more, including one of our newest Partners in the U.S. 

Many thanks to all our Partners and their supporting companies; and to those who couldn’t make it – we hope to see you next year!

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