2015 PrintVis Partner Meeting: Day One in Gdansk

2015 PrintVis Partner Meeting – Day One in Gdansk

We awaken to the cries of seabirds and low thuds of distant construction. Occasional voices rise up through the open window and somewhere below, constant, is the low rush of traffic, or perhaps water. Perhaps both – it’s difficult to tell because we arrived at Hotel Gdansk after midnight and while I know there’s water nearby, I’m not sure it’s large enough to fill the air with sound. We shall find out shortly.

We are here for the 2015 PrintVis Partner Meeting, a global gathering we hold every year around this time. Our primary job is to announce the new release of the PrintVis software and highlight the newest features through a series of presentations. After which we will offer individual and group training sessions, Q&A and whatever else may develop as we enjoy our collective time together and foster our community of smart and talented people. By Friday everyone will go their separate ways, fortified with new knowledge of PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, likely to break for the holidays and then hit the new year rested, energized and motivated.


This year we have some 26 different Partners representing 14 different countries – a truly excellent turnout. And as usual the pressure’s on. There’s always a whirlwind of activity for PrintVis around this time, because we always release our new version in tandem with Microsoft’s new release of NAV. Developers and Consultants work long and arduous hours to complete Whitepapers, ensure new features and integrations are functioning properly and finalize the release for the year. Copious amounts of coffee and in some cases ashtrays full of cigarettes may abound. Picture the old, dedicated newspaper reporter in a Hollywood movie, typing into the wee hours of the night on a huge story – you wouldn’t be far off. 

Some highlights from PrintVis 2016:

  • Quick Order Entry on Tablet Interface
  • Enhanced Purchase Functionality
  • More Automation Features
  • Bottleneck Planning
  • More Power BI Tools
  • Integration to ESKO ArtiosCAD

That last one is a major new feature which promises to be a key component of PrintVis for packaging companies. Find out more about ESKO here.

As it happens, this week is Go-Live week for a major Danish commercial printer with two massive facilities on either side of the country. This means that a few of our veteran team members could not attend the Partner Meeting, as they need to be on premises to make sure everything launches smoothly.

So yes, a hectic few weeks indeed. No doubt our team is also looking forward to a well-deserved Christmas. But we’ve already received some major gifts: Our excellent PrintVis team, our awesome and ever-growing Partner network, and the confidence that our product is on a one-way trajectory toward bestness – built within Microsoft Dynamics NAV – which itself just keeps getting better and better.

There will be more to come after the Partner Meeting officially commences tomorrow – stay tuned!

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