The Right Print Management Software Puts You in Control

Taking the Next Step

We hope you find this blog series helpful as you evaluate your print business management solution options. We encourage you to learn more about a business solution from PrintVis and Microsoft, request a product test drive  or just read more about our solutions.

Thanks very much for joining us during these 10 articles – please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Ten Steps toward Finding the Complete Solution for Your Print Business

Use this evaluation checklist to conduct a rigorous selection process and we’re confident you’ll agree – PrintVis with Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the hands-down best solution for your graphics business.

Selecting the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a strategic business decision. This solution is the operational backbone of your business. Choosing wisely can give you the tools you need to manage long-term stability and profitable growth. Selecting an under-powered, inflexible, or difficult-to-use solution can drag down performance and divert time, money, and management focus from the business of your business.

You will find that all other “solutions” are incomplete!

It’s vital for you to avoid cutting corners or skipping steps in the selection process. PrintVis is the one complete, standard solution for your industry.

We’ve developed a 10-point checklist to help you thoroughly and methodically examine the business solutions you find potentially interesting.

We’ve drilled down into one checklist item each week for a helpful 10-article series. We suggest you start with #1 and progress from there at a pace convenient to you. (To review the discussion of individual elements, click on the links.)

PrintVis with Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you each of the 10 benefits below, and much more. 

Microsoft has offered proven business solutions to customers like you for more than 25 years, delivering capabilities that fit the way you work, so you won’t have to change the way you do business. When you add the print-specific functionality of PrintVis to the robust foundation of NAV, you’ll be able to answer “yes” to each point on the evaluation checklist and gain the control, productivity, and insight you need to take your business forward.

1. Goes beyond traditional ERP

Embedded business intelligence, collaboration, and communication capabilities; consistent user experience, enhanced with consumer-driven productivity tools such as such as chat and presence.     

2. Offers deployment flexibility and choice

Flexibility to choose between on-premises deployment, a variety of cloud deployment offerings delivered through the Microsoft Dynamics partner channel, or a blend of both.

3. Features strong customer-vendor relationships

Strong reputation for after-sale service; global network of reselling partners offering local support and service programs; customer community (more than 300,000 worldwide) with well-established user groups, online discussion forums and Convergence, our annual customer conference; solid customer retention and satisfaction benchmarks.

4. Integrates easily with other line-of-business (LOB) applications

Powerful, flexible business solution capabilities can be integrated with other Microsoft products and services, and a wide range of third-party applications that run on the Microsoft technology platform.

5. Delivers ease of use

Consistent look and feel accelerate adoption and save training costs; applicability across all parts of the organization; cloud-based options allow maintenance and upgrade workloads to be offloaded to third parties.

6. Provides cost predictability

Flexible licensing options reduce upfront expenses, protected list price serves as the basis for future renewals; guaranteed support for up to 10 years after product release; fixed-scope, rapid implementations foster rapid deployment at predictable cost

7. Enables forward-looking insight

End-to-end visibility; built-in analytical tools and workflows; integration with Microsoft Excel and Word.

8. Delivers ongoing innovation

Clear product vision and world-class R&D; product roadmaps and statements of direction; tradition of consistent innovation.

9. Drives and supports growth

Unified business view; anytime/anywhere collaboration and communication capabilities; easy and affordable to extend up and out; global network of local technology partners available to help with deployment, customization, upgrading, and maintenance.

10. Reduces risk

Transforms your existing systems from a potential headache to a complete and integrated business management solution from PrintVis and Microsoft that helps you take your business forward with confidence.

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