Cloud Solution

Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, we offer PrintVis 2017 as a fully-hosted solution in the cloud.

This means it’s possible to rent your print MIS system by the month and escape the traditional, up-front investment in licenses and hardware. You still get all the print-specific functionality of PrintVis and the full ERP of Dynamics NAV, it’s just not rooted in your own server room anymore.

At PrintVis we have no doubt that the trend for cloud-based business is growing stronger every year. More of our new customers are choosing to benefit by moving away from the risks of in-house databases. 

We’re ready – so come on in and let us show you what we can do for you!

Do you have questions about putting your business in the cloud?

Microsoft offers their own secure hosting environment called Azure. We use this for our customers and place your databases safely in the trusted hands of Microsoft.

With our cloud offering, we’ll get you PrintVis installed with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, fully hosted on Microsoft Azure (which alleviates expensive downtime, hardware, server rooms and IT costs on your end).

From there, you can add different users as needed, get online training sessions, leverage e-learning, videos, webinars and more, so that you can learn at your own pace!

PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics NAV give you access to a vast library of documentation, e-learning, videos, user forums and much more. As a part of the Microsoft product suite, the user interface is intuitive and will feel comfortable to most users from the very first use!

A DIY Approach for the Self Starter

The PrintVis Basic Package comes with a wealth of user information and documents which are helpful to the knowledgeable pioneer user with a talent for IT and a bit of experience in similar database setups – the type of person who can plan a mix of self-help and online training to suit the budget and desired time frame. Some of our customers prefer this highly affordable, do-it-yourself approach.

What You Get:

  • One Full User License
  • RapidStart Database Setup
  • Secure Hosting on Microsoft Windows Azure
  • Regular Upgrades
  • Access to E-Learning, Videos

Deploying PrintVis “in the cloud” is easier now than ever! It’s a way to get the software solution you need to successfully manage your graphics business with significantly decreased time and expense. With PrintVis Cloud, you launch with the level of functionality that’s right for you and build from there!


  • Folder management setup
  • Custom quotes and reports
  • Custom order confirmation documents
  • Adaptation of job tickets to include all relevant information for the Shop Floor, CSRs, etc.
  • Ready-to-Use General Ledger and finance setup
  • Import of your standard items, customers, vendors and other static data
  • Adaptation of Item Setup – Assigning names and values for inventory and production items unique to your business
  • Overall system test – Basic run-through to ensure your PrintVis Cloud system is correctly in place
  • Access to online training and documentation (Microsoft PartnerSource and PrintVis Support Portal)
  • Access to over 40 hours of video training for standard Microsoft NAV