2017 marks two decades of print software innovation from PrintVis, your Microsoft-certified solution for the print industry.

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, PrintVis presents the new Hourly Rate Calculator. It lets you easily set the correct pricing for all of your cost centers – departments, machines, work stations – any aspect of your business where you charge by the hour. This gift is exclusive to existing PrintVis customers and Partners.

Simple to use from the Role Center, the Hourly Rate Calculator takes into account all the factors which determine the appropriate rates for your specific operations – fixed and variable costs, materials, labor and overhead – and use these aggregate amounts to calculate the best rate per cost center that will keep your company profitable and viable.

All we need to do is determine which version you are currently running; just click below to let us know!

20 Years of Innovation and Service to the Global Print Community

Way back in 1997, four men in Denmark set out to create the ultimate IT solution for companies in the graphics/printing industry. With combined backgrounds in both printing and software development, they envisioned that an MIS with extensive, print-specific functionality could be built upon a proven, world-renowned ERP system, eliminating the need for companies to run multiple software programs which didn’t communicate with one another.

But did such an ERP exist? To realize this vision on a worldwide scale, the solution would  need to globally accessible, and fully integrable.

Providing a Global Solution – Locally

From the very inception of PrintVis the plan was to work with a network of skilled partners throughout the world, not only to give us a global presence – but also to ensure the quality and success of every implementation, fortified with local strength, knowledge and support. This strategy has proven itself over and over again, combining universal knowledge of the printing industry, with local knowledge of financial management. Our vision is simply for PrintVis to be the preferred operating system for graphics companies across the planet.

After extensive market research and the evaluation of multiple solutions, it was clear that Microsoft Dynamics NAV was the optimal platform to obtain their goal – the creation of a single system to handle every aspect of a print company’s needs.

Thus PrintVis takes the mature, core ERP system of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and builds into it a complete MIS solution specifically for discrete manufacturing: The print industry vertical. This includes full General Ledger capabilities so that print companies can finally run their entire operation on one single system, including financials and inventory.

PrintVis is smartly built upon the bedrock of an ERP already deployed all over the world. PrintVis undergoes near-constant development, and launches yearly updates at the minimum, always following the latest version of NAV.

PrintVis now has over 250 implementations globally, and these companies range from commercial printers of all sizes to packaging manufacturers, label printers, book and newspaper publishers, large format and sign companies and more. PrintVis isn’t limited to any production methods – For all of these it really doesn’t matter if the production methods are sheet or web, offset or digital, rotogravure, heat-set, cold-set, deep-print or even screen print. PrintVis handles all with equal ease. !important;padding-bottom: 20px !important;}”]