What exactly is PrintVis? 

Simply put, PrintVis is the ultimate solution for the graphics industry. Built directly on and powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, PrintVis handles all the tasks and processes your company requires every day. We deliver a standard core software solution, drastically reducing downtime and expensive consulting hours caused by endless customization and scope creep.

Of course, we can handle any modifications that might be needed – we have hundreds of customers around the world, with graphics businesses of all sizes and types. Through our Partner program we team up with NAV experts in your area so you can get local support on our globally-proven system.

PrintVis gives you a sturdy, ERP platform for your business, no matter what size it might be today. Into this we’ve developed the print-specific MIS functionality you’ve been looking for – to control all the little details – Papers. Presses. Substrates. Inks. Coatings. Adhesives. Gripper margins and grain direction. Customer proofs and delivery dates. Web to print and computer to plate. We have a thorough understanding of your industry, including the many print sub-verticals such as packaging, label, newspaper, finishing and more.

PrintVis will not only show you all the fundamentals–your customers, your schedules, your production and your workers, but also the metrics that tell you how to keep your business on track. And perhaps, where alarm bells should be ringing.

PrintVis is not just software – it’s a better way to run your business and a solution which you will never outgrow.

  • PrintVis is the Microsoft Dynamics solution to the printing industry (a certified solution, with a standard program)
  • PrintVis is the printing solution with the capacity for full enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • We have a thorough understanding of your business, including print industry sub-verticals such as label, packaging, finishing and more
  • We deliver a standard solution for your specific business. In addition, we offer any kind of modifications that might be needed
  • Our local partner model lets us team up with NAV experts in your area so you also have local support on a globally-proven system
  • PrintVis is not just software – it’s a better way to run your business

Embed vs. Add-on – What’s the Difference?

PrintVis is built directly within Microsoft Dynamics NAV – it is not a separate system. While an add-on (sometimes called a plug-in) is an external piece of software designed to work in tandem with a program and share information back and forth, our software operates within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing it to perform additional print-centric functionalities and features not available in standard NAV, but never running the risk of being left behind, like separate MIS systems often are.

So you get a robust-yet-flexible management information system that gives you control over every process – from estimating to job planning to inventory management (your papers, your inks, your plates, your dies) – all the way through to invoicing, shipping and job costing after the fact. We focus on the unique needs of the print industry and let the core ERP functionality be handled by Microsoft.

Bottom line: You can purchase Microsoft Dynamics NAV without PrintVis; you cannot purchase PrintVis without Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  This is one of our core strengths and what sets us apart from so many other MIS products.

Most print MIS products start with basic print-related functionality but require you to integrate with your other vital business needs – your financials, your warehousing, your supply chain – forcing you to work with multiple systems, separately – or to “add-on” from there.

PrintVis gives you everything you need in one total system.

We pursue constant development, working with Microsoft to synchronize our updates (an effort which has settled nicely into a reliable, annual release instead of multiple small upgrades throughout the year). Of course this also means that when you choose PrintVis to run your graphics business, you are also going with the biggest, most well-known and trusted producer of software in the world: Microsoft. As a long-time Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner, PrintVis can give you confidence in your own future, offering a framework that is flexible enough to meet your changing needs, but also a sturdy, standard foundation that you will never outgrow.

Sharing Microsoft’s ambitious development objectives, PrintVis is setting the standard for MIS/ERP systems for the global printing industry.

Download PrintVis 2017 Brochure: [download id=”12420″]

Download PrintVis 2016 Brochure: [download id=”10585″]

During the life cycle of a job, PrintVis will distribute the needed information to all corners of your company, ensuring no detail is lost. Less chaos means fewer errors, and that means better margins and a big difference.

The economy is contracting, the print industry is consolidating, you need a new press operator but can’t afford to pay one. What can you do? PrintVis gives you the crucial data and helps you do smart business with your money.

Buried in RFQs? Daily estimation bottlenecks? PrintVis gives you smart quoting and estimating modules that help to simplify complicated quote requests and let you get better productivity out of your people and your day.

Case Management will be home base for each player on your team, with detailed information on deadlines, delivery dates, customer information, job history and more, customized to each person’s needs and responsibilities.

Web-2-print, variable data, FSC certification, social networking – technology is having a dramatic impact on the way you do business. You can leverage PrintVis to adapt, grow and change direction when necessary, always protecting your bottom line.

Too much red ink? Less money this month? The ability to run accurate job costing after the invoice is sent out – and respond accordingly – can make the difference between the life of your company and a “For Lease” sign in the window.

Deploying the PrintVis solution “in the cloud” is a perfect way to adopt a new management strategy for your business. You can add or subtract users as needed at low monthly rates, and launch with the level of functionality that’s right for you and build from there.

Manage your cost centers, including your prepress, CTP and your printing presses, with real-time data on materials consumption, job status and more. This is just one more example of how PrintVis keeps your whole operation connected and communicating.